Apple Rankings in Mexico: Top 10 Most Popular Podcasts

Here are 10 games that all users are looking for on Apple. (database)

Although there is much debate about the origins of podcasting and the first podcast in history, there is no doubt that The format’s popularity has been fueled by the emergence of streaming platforms such as Apple in the new millennium.

As this sentence says “podcast”is an audio product that describes a series of episodes that users can listen to at any time. The term was officially coined in 2004when iPod and radio come together.

Whether for health, sports, politics, culture and entertainment, the format has also regained its reputation among the Mexican public, although not all genres have received the same recognition.

1. Corttorissa

Ricardo Perez and Slobotsky started chatting as usual, but now they were recording. Listen to them every Wednesday as they chat about weird news, curious facts, hilarious anecdotes and lighten up your belly button this week.

2. cornet

Music, Current Affairs, Lifestyle and Humor

3.The story of the night

In the tradition of radio classics, here are the tales, tales and legends of the streets of Mexico and Latin America. Please see acast.comprivacy for privacy and opt-out information.

4. Duolingo English Story

Improve your English and knowledge of the English-speaking world with engaging real-life stories told in easy-to-understand English with Spanish annotations to help you understand the context. Created by Duolingo, the best way to learn languages. Presented by Diana Gameros in partnership with Adonde Media.

5. Legend Legend

A comedy podcast where each week we explore stories of serial killers, ghosts, and weird, infamous, or wonderful historical events. (Spanish)

6. Nude Psychology | Nude Rat

Naked Psychology grew out of the idea of ​​bringing psychology to everyone interested in the field and, most importantly, from a passion for all topics related to mental health. Clinical psychologist Marina Mammoliti will reflect on these issues episode by episode, focusing on people in these times, illuminating them and walking with you towards happiness. | Podcast: psi.mammoliti |

7. Your English!podcast

Let’s practice your English listening! Practice and learn with American Brian and Mexican Cecilia. Courses include interviews, conjugation exercises, advice, recorded speeches, and other resources. Your English will definitely succeed!

8. Franco Escamilla official channel

Welcome to the official channel of Franco Escamilla! Subscribe to hear new episodes every day. Monday: Specials Tuesday: La Mesa Reñoña Wednesday: Masters of the Universe Thursday: Psycho and Psycho Friday: Cabareteando Please keep in mind that I do not have other audio channels and do not accept imitations.

9. Cracking the Podcast with Oso Trava

Cracks is a business-savvy and mindset interview podcast that will teach anyone who aspires to greatness the habits and techniques the best in sports, business, technology, and media use to succeed. The podcast is hosted by entrepreneur and InstaFit founder Oso Trava, who was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Expansión Magazine in 2010 and 2018 and was included in Forbes’ 30 Business Commitments of 2019. Immediately applying what they learn to their lives makes the program…

10. Pensions

*Some descriptions may not be provided because the platform does not provide them.

Apple is also trying to dominate the streaming wars with its services. (Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes)

Streaming media platforms become a watershed moment podcastbecause with them, users can enjoy these auditory works at any time and as many times as they want.

Like its formidable rival Spotify, Apple is not far behind and has its own advantages Apple Podcastswhich seeks to position itself to the tastes of more users.

Podcasting is so important that the company won an Apple Podcast Award, which honors “Best show of the year”.

2022 The winner of the award is the creator of the Roe v. Wade season series “Slow Burn,” which follows the 1973 lawsuit that led to the national debate over the legalization of abortion.

“Apple Podcasts is a place for people to discover new shows, enjoy their favorite shows, unlock great listening experiences and support creators,” said Oliver Schusser, vice president of Apple Music and Beats.

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