appointments until Sunday 9 April – Chivasso Oggi


From 8 to 10 April
On the occasion of the Easter holidays, the appointment with Leonardo da Vinci returns to the Royal Museums. This year, the Royal Library offers a precious journey to discover Leonardo in his time. On display, in addition to the Codex on the Flight of Birds and the thirteen sheets including the iconic Self-Portrait and the magnetic Face of a Girl, there are almost sixty works by Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo, Perugino, Francesco di Giorgio Martini and Cristoforo de Predis : paintings, illuminated manuscripts, incunabula, engravings and ancient maps illustrate the events and characters that accompanied Leonardo’s life, from 1452 to 1519.

Until July 16th
After the success of the exhibition dedicated to Steve Schapiro’s shots of David Bowie, Radar, Extramuseum and Le Nozze di Figaro are proposing a new exhibition in the spaces of the State Archives of Turin between great photography and the history of music.
“Queen Experience | Peter Hince” tells, through the photographs of the band’s road manager – Peter Hince – and a rich selection of memorabilia, the extraordinary human and professional journey of Queen and its charismatic frontman Freddie Mercury. 50 years after the release of the first album, the homonymous Queenthe exhibition represents a unique opportunity for fans to discover unpublished aspects and details on the group and for the general public to expand their knowledge of the band that has revolutionized music over the last 50 years and which still manages to be extraordinarily current today. .

From 8 to 10 April
Special picnics in monumental gardens and historic parks accompanied by baskets of local spring products, country games and “egg hunts”, visits, walks and guided excursions: these are the activities proposed in the Assets of FAI – Fondo per l’Ambiente from 8 to April 10th on the occasion of the Easter weekend and Easter Monday. For Easter Monday, with the entrance ticket, you can freely visit the park and stop in Viale dell’Allea to enjoy a picnic (you can bring what you need from home). The day can continue with a free visit to the monumental rooms or with guided tours dedicated to the whole family. Furthermore, adults and children will be able to participate together and try their hand at engaging games such as egg hunting and giant chess. Visiting shifts will be at 11.30, 14 and 16.30.

Until 10 September
From Lucio Fontana to Piero Gilardi, up to Michelangelo Pistoletto. Until 10 September, the Gam showcases its heritage, dedicating a chapter to Italian sculpture between 1940 and 1980 through the exhibition of 50 works created by 40 artists active over this period: forty years marked by formidable changes and strong stylistic shocks both from the point of view of the subjects and of the techniques, and which assigned a new role to sculpture.


Tuesday 4th April at 9pm
They are the most famous vocal orchestra in Europe and one of the most renowned worldwide: they have made themselves known and appreciated all over the world for the a capella reinterpretation of “Africa”, the famous hit by Toto, who called them to duet several times during their European tours. They rearrange and reinterpret in their own way, without the aid of any instrument, the great world pop hits: from Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” to David Guetta’s “Titanium”, passing through the unmissable medleys by Abba, the Bee Gees, obviously same Toto and many others.
info: Colosseum Theatre, via Madama Cristina 71,

Friday 7 April at 21.30
Zirobop Quartet presents its latest album at the Folkclub. In recent years, thanks to RadioLondon, Enzo Zirilli has brought from London to the stage of FolkClub dozens of extraordinary artists. In November 2014, for the first time, Enzo presented a project markedly and totally by himself on RadioLondon, starting with the name: ZiroBop. Since then, the quartet has come a long way, only stopped by the pandemic. His fame in the UK has grown thanks to many concerts in the most important clubs in the country, primarily the legendary Ronnie Scott where the quartet has earned the honor of sharing the stage with the bands of the legendary Steve Gadd and Roy Haynes, as well as having recorded and released two albums immediately received enthusiastically by critics and audiences. After the resounding success of the Zirobop concert at the end of the last edition of RadioLondon, the artistic project whose name is the ‘nickname’ of its multifaceted and versatile creator returns to our stage, to present us its third, brand new album “Ten Past Never”.


Monday 3, Tuesday 4 and Thursday 6 at 7.30pm, Wednesday 5 at 8.45pm
Dora Maar, Amelia Rosselli, Carol Rama, Maria Lai and Lisetta Carmi, five unforgettable twentieth century artists, are the figures who animate this show of words and music. Fragile creatures, but also passionate, determined and revolutionary, ideally find themselves on stage to tell us who they really are. A funeral oration will be staged for each of them, but they will be the ones to pronounce it themselves, as if they were present at their own funeral. By and with Concita De Gregorio. The direction is by Teresa Ludovico.
info: Gobetti Theatre, via Rossini 8, tel. 0115169555,

Thursday 6 April at 21
As the Spanish word says, “La prova” is one of the working days (reproducible over the long term) of a dance company made up of dancers over 50 which highlights various factors that characterize the approach of this type of dancer to creation choreography. An open rehearsal in search of the right pieces to be included in a new show. The question is, how do you replace the potency and freshness of youth? Answer: with the fascinating treasure of experience.
info: Astra Theater, via Rosolino Pilo 8,

Friday 7 April at 9pm
Great comeback for one of the most successful theatrical-television series in Italy. As in one of the most hilarious sketches of this new show, already super cult, Ruggero, the dishonest and very boorish father of Gianluca, wakes up from a coma that kept him out of action for ten years, finding himself before his eyes a completely different world from the one he He had left. A coma very similar to the one faced by Fabrizio Biggio and Francesco Mandelli, who decided to meet up with the very duo that made them famous first on MTV and then in the cinema, just when it seemed impossible that it would happen.
info: Colosseum Theatre, via Madama Cristina 71,

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