Aquaman 2 – Scenes with Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne cut by James Gunn to avoid confusion

As many of you may remember, last summer Jason Momoa announced his return Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne in a scene from the film, surprising fans around the world. Regardless, according to what The Hollywood Reporter explained in a new analysis of the film, this scene was completely cut by James Gunn and Peter Safran for a very specific reason..

As many of you know, the old DC president was willing to include a cameo in the film. Michael Keaton How Batmanlike the last one later Flash he would have had a “mentor” role in the DC Universe, replacing Ben Affleck.

Subsequently Aquaman 2 was pushed back to March 2023, ahead of release Flashso the presidents of Warner Bros. ordered a reshoot to include Ben Affleck How Bruce Waynereplacing scenes with Michael Keaton.

Here, Jason Momoa (probably after receiving “orders from above”) announced Ben Affleck’s return on social media, fueling fan enthusiasm.

Following these reshoots, the film was delayed for the umpteenth time, slotting into December 2023, a few months after the film’s release. Flash and erasing Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne from canon.

It is for this reason that James Gunn and Peter Safran, the new presidents of DC Studios, decided to cut Affleck’s cameo entirely, so as not to confuse the (few) audiences who had seen the film. Flash. According to THR’s source, Gunn was forced to make this decision because the film was definitely chaotic also for the “Batman question”.

While director James Wan wouldn’t confirm the cancellation, telling audiences to “go to the movies and find out,” insiders confirmed that the scene was missing from the latest test screening version of the film:


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