“Aquaman 2”: trailer and denial by Amber Heard

WITHFive years have passed since its release Aquaman. Now everything is ready for the long-awaited sequel. Really the trailer just came out Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomthe second chapter in the saga of the aquatic superhero played by Jason Momoa.. The film will appear in Italian cinemas next. 20th of December.

Ant-Man arrives, premiere and new clip of the latest Marvel film

Ant-Man arrives, premiere and new clip of the latest Marvel film

Aquaman: Official Trailer

Production company Warner Bros. just released trailer Aquaman 2. Judging by the images (but also what is known so far), the main character of the story officially became the father and ruler of Atlantis. However, the feared return of Black Manta (played by Yahya Abdul Mateen II) is inevitable.

To help the king of Atlantis in the fight against Black Manta The protagonist’s half-brother Orm (played by Patrick Wilson). Cast Aquaman, therefore, is now known. And besides confirmation Aquaman Jason Momoathere was something like that Amber Heard in the role Princess Mera.

Aquaman 2 trailer released Photo: Warner Bros.

Amber Heard and her role

Amber Heard is the most popular internet star of 2022. And not because of the special role that captivated the public, but because of the famous trial in which she participated with her ex-husband. Johnny Depp. Their divorce, accompanied by accusations of slander and violence, was one of the most popular media events in America and beyond. And many felt the need to speak out in favor of one or the other.

This incident inevitably affected the professional lives of the two actors. And right in court Amber Heard accused the director of Aquaman reduce the number of scenes in the sequel as much as possible due to the outcome of the trial. A reduction, which, however, the producers did not allow at all. Against.

Director’s refusal Aquaman

In fact, an interview regarding this statement was published a few hours ago. James Wan To electronic warfare. The film is directed and produced by Warner Bros. in association with DC Entertainment. denied Heard’s statements. “From the very beginning, I always had specific ideas for this film and shared them with everyone. First Aquaman it was about the journey of Arthur and Mera. The second was always about Arthur and Orm.. I conceived the first as a romantic action-adventure, the second as a bromance action-adventure.”

Finally he explained that he doesn’t know yet whether there will be a third chapter of the saga. “Oh God, I don’t know,” he began. “This project took so much of my time, took up so much of my life and all I want to think about is that I need a long break


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