“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”, director comments on the reduction of Amber Heard’s role in the sequel

The director of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” responded to Amber Heard’s statements about the reduction of Mera’s role in the sequel, indicating the reason.

Amber Heard will reprise his role Measureprincess of Atlantis Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, sequel to the DC hit starring Jason Momoa. However, the actress, who was recently involved in a lawsuit against Johnny Depp, revealed that her participation in Aquaman 2 has been cut. Today he is the director James Wan to break the silence and clarify that in reality, Mera’s role was always secondary, so he was simply respecting the original idea.

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” director responds to Amber Heard’s statements about reducing the role of Mera

There is very little time left before the second chapter of Aquaman hits theaters. The main character is once again played by Jason Momoa, who will return to the DC universe with a new adventure across the seas. In a new film study published electronic warfaredirector James Wan explained that the sequel focuses primarily on relationship between two brothers Arthur and Orm and how they will have to form a united front to defeat a powerful threat. They’ll have to team up to win. Black Manta, returning more powerful than ever as she possesses a magical artifact known as the Black Trident. It is for this reason that Mera’s presence does not seem extremely important to the plot, a detail that was also emphasized by the director in response to statements made. in May 2022, Amber Heard in court. So it seems like Mera’s inclusion in the sequel was always an afterthought.

The hardest part at first was not knowing whether Aquaman would come out before or after The Flash. So we just had to be ready. Ultimately, the best thing I would say about this film is that it has no connection to any of those films. This is the conclusion. I have always suggested this to everyone from the very beginning. The first Aquaman was the journey of Arthur and Mera. The second film was always going to be about Arthur and Orm. So while the former was a romantic adventure film, the latter is a bromance adventure film. So it will be.

Therefore, it seems that the focus of the sequel will be on the bromance between Arthur and Orm facing a powerful threat. “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” will arrive in Italian cinemas starting from December 20, 2023 and should officially bring the DCEU narrative to a close, paving the way for a new era of DC.

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