Aquarius and Scorpio are heartless.

Horoscope for today, Tuesday, September 12, 2023 and sign predictions for love, work and luck: Mercury is isolated and retrograde. Fortunately, emotions are strong and clear, especially in the fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

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You should give space to new possibilities instead of always fighting on the same points, that is, if Mars is against you, you will not be able to get due recognition. Follow Luna’s instinct and think that if the famous bookstore 121+ closed, then Spazio Munari opened in the same premises, dedicated to glorifying the great master. Give new opportunities a chance.

Love: first on the list.
Job: Look around.
Luck: Walk side by side.
Tip of the day: Try a dish on your favorite restaurant’s menu that you’ve never tried.
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Even if you don’t want to show it at all, there is a deep pull of passion there. You want to kiss like Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet in public. Unfortunately, these desires of yours cannot be quickly “satisfied,” including because with a crooked Moon there is a lot of pressure on you and you risk having the opposite effect.

Horoscope for September 8, 2023.

Love: It’s on your bucket list.
Job: There is always great satisfaction here.
Luck: pet of the gods.
Tip of the day: read a good manga, enough super-intelligent manuals.
Vote 6 and a half in sourdough


You care little or nothing about what the Pentagon has released on the subject of UFOs unless there is evidence of how crazy and exciting sex with an alien is. You are truly obsessed, so much so that you are willing to go all day without underwear to quickly grasp any situation. Keeping control of Venus and the Moon, which stimulate you, is almost impossible.

Love: thirsty.
Job: Get rewarded every time you apply.
Luck: feeling like you’re on the crest of a wave.
Tip of the day: go shopping. Give flowers as a gift.
Vote 7 –


Obvious and half-baked strategies do cause irritation, such as low-cost airlines cutting flights to the Italian islands after reaching the price ceiling desired by the guarantor. Always demand clarity, correctness and, above all, consistency, as Mercury advises you in your favor every day. A handshake means much more to you than a signed contract.

Love: heart-to-heart conversations.
Job: Mathematics is not an opinion at all.
Luck: you always know how to multiply it.
Tip of the day: spend an evening at the cinema.
Vote 7

a lion

You feel surrounded by love and interest, like Leonardo’s Vineyard, which was a huge success before LVMH closed after purchasing it. You demand to be constantly the center of attention and to be considered “exclusive.” Venus and the Moon today will show all your deepest abilities as a true king of the forest.

Love: daily meeting.
Job: You are more important than the boss.
Luck: You are the creator of your destiny.
Tip of the day: The perfect gift for you is a singing microphone.
Vote 7 and a half on the throne


You manage to stop the chaos before all hell breaks loose, just as the NYPD paused the US Open semi-final for an hour to restore order. You always have a clear idea of ​​what is happening and how to correct the situation or get out of it. Mercury gives you this predictive ability, but don’t overdo it with paranoia.

Love: It really relaxes you.
Job: Projected in the future.
Luck: The perfect time to take a risk.
Tip of the day: Learn Tik Tok dances, even if they are no longer trending.
Vote 7, but relax


Surely you will never be embarrassed by Paola Turani on the red carpet in Venice, who approaches the crowd with a smile, but no one asks her for a selfie. If Venus as well as the Moon are in your favor, you will stand out as if you were always dressed in glitter and sequins. It is impossible not to notice you and, most importantly, not to love you.

Love: You can indulge in illicit fantasies.
Job: bull’s-eye.
Luck: Enjoy it all without thinking about tomorrow.
Tip of the day: winter shopping.
Vote 8+


Today you would like to join the submerged statue of Christ from the Abyss in front of the beautiful city of San Fruttuoso. Perhaps this is where you can find peace as Venus and the Crooked Moon continue to tease you. It’s possible that by going a little introspective and detaching from situations, you may be able to gain some clarity, or even be able to listen to Mercury bring back a bit of healthy rationality.

Love: sugarless.
Job: periodic concentration.
Luck: break the piggy bank.
Tip of the day: In the morning, as soon as you wake up, do meditation.
Vote 6 –


In your heart of hearts, you would like to run away with Aenea and Elia, who, for just fifty euros, traveled fourteen thousand kilometers around Europe in two months by train. Indulge that desire for adventure and authenticity that the Moon is also giving you today, and you will find that you will even be able to clarify your mind, which is currently still in complete confusion due to Mercury.

Love: imagination flies.
Job: mission impossible: planning.
Luck: gifts, smiles and hopes.
Tip of the day: always ready for unexpected events and special evenings.
Vote 7+ adventures


Sometimes it’s better not to make big plans and enjoy the luck you have. I know you think the story of Lara, the English millionaire who squandered her huge lottery winnings in just a few years, is absurd. When Mars is against you, you have an extreme need for relaxation and pampering, which you can easily afford, because with Mercury on your side, you always keep a close eye on all the ins and outs and, in the end, you can just indulge in a little ” jokes.”

Love: You need full dedication and attention.
Job: Everything is always under control.
Luck: You would like to walk with stretchers like emperors.
Tip of the day: look at flights to exotic destinations.
Vote 6 and a half


Are you interested in love, like Fedez at the wedding of his daughter-in-law Francesca Ferragni, where he was immortalized, always tied to the phone with the intention of a truly stunning testimony, or so it is assumed? How can you blame me my dear, since Venus and the Moon are very curved, you would even want to learn the “robe” point to avoid any interaction, even if it is only friendly.

Love: not classified.
Job: ready for testing.
Luck: You asked Santa Claus about this.
Tip of the day: Let’s look at all the trends of the autumn-winter season.
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You have always loved happy endings and romantic fairy tales that delight your little heart. The love story of Luisa Corna and Stefano Giovino, who is fifteen years younger, has probably not escaped your attention. After all, you and Mercury con are certainly not masters of mathematical calculations, and this “detail” that everyone is talking about has eluded you. You are just calculating feelings, nothing more.

Love: Michela Murgia’s style, total and without patterns.
Job: only if futuristic.
Luck: Always keep some in your purse.
Tip of the day: watch the One Piece series.
Vote 6 and a half

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