Aragon asks not to overdo medical care when experiencing mild flu symptoms

Aragon asks not to overdo medical care when experiencing mild flu symptomsLaura Treves

this Healthcare Department ManagerZaragoza II, Palace of Patricia, made a appeal to citizens Don’t “oversaturate” Medical care for mild flu symptomsas people have to “spend” basic care at home, e.g. Rest, hydrate, and take fever-reducing medications Available in pharmacies.


In the context of the influenza epidemic in Aragon, where cases will increase for at least the next three or four weeks, the manager of the health department of the second phase of Zaragoza points out that this is a Mild viruses in the general populationalthough there are risk groups such as people with old ageimmunosuppressed patients, or patients with multiple medical conditions in which this condition can be severe.

So he asked In the face of “big increase”, “responsibility” to the people Nursing pressures in hospital emergency services and primary care. Parazon detailed that medical professionals have taken the necessary measures to deal with the rising number of cases.

In this sense, they have reorganized and Resources strengthened, but Aragorn has “limited resources”in Spain and in any country, which is why he urged citizens to “help and be responsible” when using them.

Hygiene measures that can be taken includePrevention of contagion, Manager of the Health Department of Zaragoza II The importance of proper hand washing, social distancing and ventilation are reviewed as these measures have been implemented during the coronavirus pandemic and have proven to be effective.

Mandatory wearing of masks

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health of the Government of Aragon reports that professionals providing direct care to users in health and social hygiene centers must wear masks.

And for other workers and the public it’s “Highly recommended”, especially in enclosed spaces or where emergency situations need to be dealt with.

The Aragonese government took this measure after learning that the cases of acute respiratory infections in Aragon during the last week of 2023 had risen to 1,184 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with the aim of flattening the contagion curve. Specifically, the influenza incidence rate on the same day was 167.5 cases per 100,000 residents.

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