Aragon is approaching the peak of flu infections

this influenza incidence Already rising in Aragon 10% last week until reached There are 334 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Overall, the number of acute respiratory infections also continues to increase – there were 1,368 infections per 100,000 people in the second week of the year – but in a gentler waywhich shows that we are Close to reaching the peak of the contagion curve.

Although emergency services yes Less stress On the first day of the year, admissions can be made faster due to the reorganization of beds until end of month Concerns about respiratory viruses are not expected to begin to wane.

2023 data

exist 2023 Over in Aragon 622,000 urgent care visits Hospital, Nearly 6,000 more than in 2022this year also broke the record of 2019. Rafael MarrĂ³n, doctor at Miguel Servet Hospital and Chairman SSpanish Society of Emergency Medicine of Aragonwhich can be attributed to many factors such as Delays in primary and specialty carethis lack of professionals due to job instability or Aging population.


at the same time, Department of Health Already opened Vaccination of the entire Aragonese population against influenza. Appointments can be requested through the Salud Informa website or app. In Zaragoza, health centers in Actur Oeste, Valdespartera, Fuentes Norte, Sagasta and La Bombarda can vaccinate in the afternoon for people who cannot come in the morning.

Regarding vaccine coverage, so far, only 56% of high-risk patients, medical staff or people over 60 years old have been vaccinated. Among people over 80 years old, this proportion reaches 80%.

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