Ardila Lülle Organization and 100 other Colombian companies doing business with Israel

Five brands of coffee, flowers from Vaughns, citric acid from Adiras, charcoal from Cerrejon and Drummond are the most imported products by Netanyahu’s government

Israel, a market of tens of millions of people with three times the purchasing power of Colombia, has a three-year free trade agreement with the country and is Israel’s second-largest trading partner in South America after Brazil. More than a hundred domestic companies* export products to a country damaged by the conflict with Hamas. In 2022, exports totaled US$1.085 billion, an extraordinary year due to increased sales of coal produced in La Guajira and Cesar by Cerrejón and Drummond, two multinational companies operating in the country for many years.

Last year, affected by the post-epidemic, the war in Ukraine and increased demand from emerging Asian countries, coal prices skyrocketed, reaching US$378 per ton at the end of December, and even peaked at US$400 within three months. Before. Things are different this year. The average price is approximately $168.2.

Claudia Bejarano, Director of Cerrejón

Cerrejón of multinational company Glencore has chosen Claudia Bejarano as president of Colombia, where she will take office from the beginning of 2021. Last year, exports reached US$608.5 million (2.02 million tons). Carbones del Cerrejón, located in La Guajira, houses the world’s largest open-pit mine, covering an area of ​​69,000 hectares, and is 100% owned by Glencore, founded by Marc Rich in 1974 and one of the largest mining marketing companies in the country.

Today, its main shareholder is South African-Australian Ivan Glasenberg, the largest individual shareholder (9.1%) and CEO since 2002. Glencore controls the entire business in Colombia since acquiring a 33.3% stake in BHP Billiton and Anglo American on December 31, 2020. $588 million.

José Miguel Linares is president of Drummond, another foreign multinational operating in Colombia. Over the past seven years, the company has positioned itself as Colombia’s leading coal exporter, selling its products to 21 countries, including about 7% to Israel.

Drummond President José Miguel Linares leads exports

It was launched in 1994 in La Loma in Cesar and since 2009 it is now in El Descanso, El Corroso (2020) and last year The Descanso Sur project, which started in December, has a capacity of 2.162 billion tons. Founded in 1935 by Herman Drummond of Alabama, the company is a world leader in coal mining. Currently, grandson Mike Drummond serves as chairman of the board of directors and Richard Mullen serves as chief executive. In Colombia, its chairman has been held for 10 years by José Miguel Linares, a lawyer from the University of Los Andes who has 20 years of experience in the mining industry.

Carcafé’s Espinosa becomes Israel’s No. 1 coffee brand

Influential and traditional coffee growers like the Espinoza family from Tolima have set their sights on doing business with Israel, which has 10 million consumers. Their family business, Racafé, was founded by Rafael Espinosa and managed for 38 years by his son Guillermo Espinosa, who leads coffee growers Exported 1,000 tons of coffee to Israel valued at $6.3 million. This was followed by the National Federation of Coffee Growers with sales of US$5.4 million; Olam, incorporated in Singapore and one of the world’s major exporters of green coffee beans, with sales of US$4.6 million; and Condor Specialty Coffee in Ibag, with sales of US$4.6 million. The export value is US$3. .0 million.

Flores de los Andes, from the Vaughn family, sent roses

Brothers John and Richard Vaughan (deceased) and Flores de los Andes were the owners of Colombian Flowers in Israel. The company sold $3.3 million, $2.1 million of which were roses. Flores de los Andes, a pioneer in floriculture in Sabana, was founded in 1972 by the Vaughn family and today has 756 employees. Last year, net profit increased by 13.17%, and total assets increased by 7.96%.

These emeralds cannot be lost, they are stored in Israel on behalf of the CI Bogotá Emerald Mart. They exported $2.4 million through the brokerage, founded and chaired by Benny Bazale, the world leader and direct international exporter of natural Colombian emeralds for 30 years and a member of the Colored Gemstones Association.

Sucroal, from the Ardila family, exports citric acid from the valley

An interesting Colombian product arriving in Israel is citric acid produced in the Cauca Valley by the Ardila Lulle family, which sells it for $1.4 million through its company Sucroal. Since the acquisition of Incauca in 1980, Ardilas has been involved in the business Sucrochemical Columbiana, born in 1966 as an initiative of sugar mills and the IFI (Industrial Development Institute) to provide added value to sugar.Because citric acid comes from fermentation Sugar, such as glucose or sucrose, is used in cosmetics to prevent skin staining, in medicine to fight certain infections, gastritis, and to produce anticoagulants, and in the food industry for its antioxidant and sweetening properties Manufacture of soft drinks and candies.

* portal website with official foreign trade information

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