‘Are Jordan’s orthotics primitive?’: Gilbert Arenas makes sickening confession about Michael Jordan’s gear being stolen

Gilbert Arenas was lucky: Just when Michael Jordan retired from the NBA for the third time, Arenas was traded to the Washington Wizards, where Jordan played his final game. This allowed Arenas to steal some of Jordan’s game-worn jerseys and personal items. Gilbert Arenas decided to use one of these while playing in the NBA.

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NBA players wear orthotics inside their shoes during games to prevent injuries and stabilize their feet. However, since they were used by the Chicago Bulls legend, Arenas decided not to even wash them before using them himself.

Kenyon Martin, who had played in the NBA and knew how disgusting it was to use someone else’s orthotics, was shocked when he heard the news. But his co-host Josiah Johnson had to ask one thing: “you Are MJ’s orthotics original?


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This is MJ’sArenas said, justifying why he wore them without washing them. Arenas then further added: “Selected to the All-Star team 3 times and to the All-NBA team 3 times. The descendant of Jordan,” to show that his game improved as a result.

While his co-hosts are losing their minds trying to think about everything they’ve heard, Arenas decided to take it a step further and unveil his collection of Michael Jordan-worn jerseys and shorts from the past Not washed in 20 years. .

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Arenas has some framed and some still in the bag, but most importantly, they are still in the pristine condition he received them in. Although the story Gilbert Arenas told disgusted everyone, Arenas sadly lost the orthotics he so desperately needed.


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How did Gilbert Arenas lose his Michael Jordan orthotics?

It’s hard to believe that someone who cares so much about owning items worn by Michael Jordan would lose them so easily. However, Gilbert Arenas is definitely unlucky for him.

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Arenas revealed that he gave away his shoes to some fans after the game. The next day, when he was about to put on his shoes, he suddenly remembered that he accidentally left his orthotics in the shoes given to fans.

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Only Gilbert Arenas dared take something that belonged to Michael Jordan. But what do you think about him using his orthotics without cleaning them? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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