Are you used to this? The Weeknd confuses a stuffed animal with a cat

Dr. Simi’s plush toys associated with Similar Pharmacies are some of the most sought-after keepsakes among fans attending concerts of his favorite artists. Every time an international celebrity visits Mexico, one of these muñecos rises into the air, hoping for a moment in the scenario to be recognized by the night star.

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This unusual episode occurred with the Canadian singer Abel Tesfaye, known creatively as The Weeknd, who was scared by the Mexican countries and was presented on Tuesday, September 26, at the BBVA Stadium in Monterrey, New Leon.

In parallel with the event, there were also memorable moments for the performer. “Blinding Lights” comes down from the stage to greet his followers and sing with them. However, one of the most comical and surprising episodes occurred when a famous person confused Dr. Simi’s stuffed toy with a cat.

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These Farmacia Likees muñecos have become something of a tradition among Mexican audiences when they attend concerts by international artists. Menudo, stuffed animals including being characterized as his own artist, Therefore, I would hope that such a wonderful performer as The Weeknd would not be without one of these unique gifts.

The Weeknd’s reaction to the Dr. Simi effigy has gone viral on social media. Walked around the video in which the famous translator appeared “Out of Time” when the scarecrow goes to look for his pies. I looked at this with surprise and between smiles I turned to the audience to say this: “I thought it was a cat.” Although at first he did not seem to pay attention to the scarecrow, but then God knew what it was and ran to pick it up.

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The comments in the video reveal the variety of reactions before an unusual moment. Some fans were surprised by the actor’s position: “As usual, I love him”, “Su dear de susto (y mini brinquito) cuando lanzaron el plushie JAJAJ”, “Abel… un gato… Is this serious? JS”, “How can I serve a cat? JAJAJAJ I love Abel”, “Ya ni terminó de bailar”. Others wondered if The Weekend had considered a burial, but it was mentioned in the comments that I had finally decided to take it off-script.

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