Are Zendaya and Tom Holland officially engaged?

Over the past few hours, there has been persistent talk on social networks about the possible official engagement of Zendaya and Tom Holland. It all started when the American actress, singer and dancer posted an Instagram story in which she showed off the ring on her ring finger. However, the interested party itself immediately tried to silence the rumors, saying that they would never announce something like that in such a way. But doubts about the orange blossom aroma were not dispelled.
There are those who wonder if she and the English actor are getting married.

Galeotto is a selfie that Zendaya took and posted on social media. “On his ring finger he wore a ring that looked like a wedding,” we read further. Vanity Fair.
After all, they have been a regular couple for about 7 years, that is, since they met on the set of the film. Spider-Man.
Their choice has always been to live out their romantic relationships while avoiding the spotlight, but, as he notes, Vanity Fair“from time to time they leave clues as to how things are going.”
Tom Holland’s comments on her posts or under content on social networks and the Internet that concern her are not uncommon. And there’s no shortage of stories and posts that both exchange during their birthdays (like the sweet tribute photo you’ll find at the bottom of this article, taken from Zendaya’s official profile to wish her Tom a happy birthday).

Zendaya tried to silence the rumors

The singer and actress wanted to make it clear that she would never want to announce her official engagement in this way. He made this clear in a series of stories (no longer visible on his Instagram profile).
And in any case, the most attentive fans pointed out to less attentive followers that the ring in question has already been worn by the star on other occasions, so it’s likely that it’s a “simple” piece of jewelry rather than a ring setting that will make a big difference.
“We have already dreamed of a white dress and orange flowers, but we will most likely have to wait a little longer,” Albakiara Re writes on her Facebook page. Vanity Fair. “Or we only find out about the wedding after they have already celebrated it, away from the media hype and only in the company of their closest friends and family.”

Below we will show you the content posted on Zendaya’s official profile to celebrate her lover’s birthday.

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