Arezzo Wave Music Contest, registrations open for the 2023 edition

The competition this year establishes special prizes to celebrate Bruce Springsteen and Hip Hop

Published:08-03-2023 16:37

Last update:08-03-2023 16:39

arezzo wave music contest

ROME – A new year full of events for Arezzo Wave Italy Foundation, which confirms the historical projects on the Italian territory and its international vocation. Registration is open for the 2023 edition of Arezzo Wave Music Contestone of the most popular competitions in Italy, which arrives this year in its 36th editionand which starts again with live selections throughout Italy, thanks to a large network of regional partners. Until April 25 it will be possible to register for free on the website and participate in the contest that has discovered numerous talents, from the Afterhours to LaRappresentante di Lista up to the Piqued Jacks, the indie rock band that will represent San Marino at Eurovision 2023.


The contest for the 2023 edition establishes two new categories, one dedicated to Bruce Springsteen’s 50th birthday and one dedicated to Hip Hop. “50 years of Bruce Springsteen” celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Boss’s first album “Greetings from Asbury Park” and invites participants to adapt or reinterpret a piece from the repertoire of an artist who has made music history. “Hip Hop Wave” is dedicated to all those who are under 25 and who can create a cover for the first 50 years since the birth of hip hop culture, when the first party with DJ Cool Herk was held in the Bronx.


Also among this year’s jurors Sat Bisla founder of the A&R Worldwide agency (Adele, Coldplay, Muse, Katy Perry) and organizer of one of the largest American showcase festivals, the Musexpo in Los Angeles where they can play theand bands and artists chosen by him among the finalists of the ArezzoWave Contest. Says Mauro Valenti, president of the Arezzo Wave Italia Foundation and artistic director of Arezzo Wave: “Every year the Arezzowave contest offers a free, unmissable opportunity to new talents in Italian music. We are the longest running and most participated live Italian competition with more than 52,000 registered over the years and with live selections in every region of Italy. We are especially happy because the Piqued Jacks, the band representing San Marino at Eurovision 2023 was born with us, Arezzowave is still today the first station for future success”. The activities of the Arezzo Wave Italia Foundation are in collaboration and with the support of the Tuscany Region, the Municipality of Arezzo, the Guido D’Arezzo Foundation, the Province of Arezzo, the Arezzo Intour Foundation, Nuovo IMAIE.

The regulation and the participation form are below.

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