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In the South American country of Argentina, people go to the polls to determine the new president.

The presidential race will be between Sergio Massa, the candidate of the “Peronist” coalition and the current Minister of Economy, who received the highest votes in the first round of the elections held last October 22, and the candidate of the Freedom Development Party (No). Libertad Avanza Party) and the far-right Javier Miley.

It was reported in the Argentine press that there was little difference between the candidates according to the average of 15 polls.

While people between the ages of 18 and 69 are obligated to vote in the country, participation in the elections is expected to be high.

The candidates, who used “harsh” words against each other during the election campaign, promise serious changes to the public if they win.

The right-wing Miley had said that if he won, he would close Argentina’s central bank, which he believes is causing inflation, and switch to the dollar instead of the national currency, the peso.

Massa, who has leftist ideas, said that the solution to the country’s economic crisis will be resolved by increasing exports and job opportunities.

In the first round of elections, the candidate of the Union for the Fatherland (Union for the Fatherland), Massa, deceived all the opinion polls by obtaining the highest votes with 36.2 percent.

The far-right Milli came in second place in the classification, receiving 30.2 percent of the votes.

Patricia Bullrich, leader of the Together for Change coalition and candidate of the main opposition coalition, who finished in third place with 23.81 percent of the vote, later announced that she would support Miley in the second round.

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