Argentina, led by Messi, are in their prime in La Paz as they await qualifying clash with Bolivia

with Lionel MessiIn the final hours of Sunday, Argentina are at their peak in La Paz for Tuesday’s 5:00 pm match against Bolivia, the second match of the South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

The national delegation arrived in Bolivia city at around 10 p.m. and played against the team led by Argentinian Gustavo Costas at the Hernando Siles Stadium at an altitude of about 3,650 meters.

Argentina trained on the field without their captain, who worked differently. Messi was not part of the team during the actions, which took place on a pitch at the Ezeisa estate and were recorded by media cameras with the authorization of the AFA. But then head coach Lionel Scaloni conveyed his decision on Messi’s availability against Bolivar.

After the national team’s 1-0 victory over Ecuador last Thursday, Messi asked for a change due to physical exhaustion, but imaging tests in Buenos on Saturday confirmed that Messi was not injured. Ellis Clinic..

Inter Milan

The 36-year-old captain is suitable to integrate into the team at the Hernando Siles Stadium, but it is not ruled out in any case that he can stay on the bench to avoid the physical demands of peak games. Andean cities.


Since making his debut at Inter Miami on July 21, Messi has accumulated more than a dozen games since leaving Paris Saint-Germain and has not participated in pre-season games. Messi trained lightly in both training sessions after the game against Ecuador.

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