Argentinian customs stop smuggling of ‘champion drug’ across Paraguay border

in daily operations At the border crossing between Puerto Iguazu, Argentina and Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, Customs agents uncovered a smuggling attempt involving a bus full of tourists.

The drug is the same one Lionel Messi was given as a child to supplement the growth hormone his body was unable to produce naturally.. Some adults take it illegally to enhance athletic performance, which is why it’s known as the “drug of champions.”. But its misuse can lead to irreversible health consequences.

The drugs identified by customs were hidden in the luggage of a tourist who was returning from shopping in Ciudad del Este and trying to enter Argentina through Puerto Iguazu. The 15 boxes, worth $150,000 – although they are worth more than that on the black market – were discovered through a non-invasive control method: customs scanners. The drug did not have ANMAT certification and was seized by agents of the agency.


growth hormone

The bus is part of an international passenger service connecting the cities of Iguazu, Foz do Foz and Ciudad del Este. Travelers often choose this method to shop in neighboring countries.

In their daily inspection work, customs officers require tourists to get off the bus and go through normal procedures. After asking passengers a series of questions, staff began checking bags using non-intrusive scanners.

After analyzing the images obtained, the customs technical team found that There was a suspicious item in one of the luggage. When checking such baggage, Authorities found 15 boxes and vials of a substance known as “growth hormone”Foreign origin.

What is the “hormone growth hormone”?

This substance is called a “hormone” and is used to replace the body’s naturally produced growth hormone (GH or growth hormone).. In the pediatric setting, it is used to treat growth retardation, growth problems associated with kidney disease, Turner syndrome, and Prader-Willi syndrome. In adults, it is used to treat growth hormone deficiency caused by conditions such as HIV or short bowel syndrome.

In Argentina, the use of this substance is regulated, it can only be sold by prescription in injectable form, and must be used under medical supervision due to its possible side effects.. In addition, its import and export are subject to regulations issued by the National Agency for Medicines, Food and Medical Technologies (ANMAT) through Regulation No. 13,831/16. This entity is responsible for granting import authorizations that must be submitted to customs.

What needs to be emphasized is The substance has gained notoriety through its use by public figures such as Lionel Messi., which he used as a child to offset deficiencies in the body’s natural growth hormone production. Nonetheless, it is important to emphasize that its use must be regulated and supervised by medical professionals.


growth hormone

What are the adverse effects?

Without medical supervision and control, Adverse effects can be extremely dangerous. Short-term side effects include joint pain, muscle pain, joint fluid retention and swelling, and disruption of normal hormonal cycles in men and women, according to the Customs pharmacology team.

Illicit use often involves injectable drug administration without proper pharmaceutical procedures and can expose people to serious illnesses such as HIV, AIDS or hepatitis. In the long term, high doses may cause heart disease and irreversible hormonal problems. It should be noted that illegally purchased substances do not guarantee their quality and may contain unknown potentially toxic ingredients, which may even lead to the risk of death from poisoning.

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