Ariana Grande Jokes About Her Physical Appearance, But Her Fans Are Worried: She Looks Too Different

Ariana Grande’s fans keep raising concerns about her thinness. “She looks malnourished,” someone writes. A few weeks ago the singer clarified: “I took antidepressants, I drank, I ate wrong. I looked healthy to you but it was anything but healthy.”

Ariana Grande Recently and suddenly she is in the center of discussion about the change in her look. For the time being, the singer has decided to do without make-up and big lips, opting for a decidedly more natural look. She then changed her hair color, even lightening her eyebrows, but what’s puzzling her fans around the world seems to be the progressive weight loss.

The concern of fans for weight loss

The number of fans of Ariana Grande on Twitter has not decreased and continues to grow Worry for alleged excessive thinness of the singer, who has shed several kilos in the past few months. ,she looks malnourished”, writes one of them. “OrEvery time I see pictures of this woman she always looks different”, someone else writes. ,Hope you are well”, One thing is certain that for some time now the Bang Bang star has been making a real U-turn in terms of looks: no more cat eyes, the makeup that made her iconic, and no more pouty lips. She, for her part, pokes fun at her former appearance and does so with a TikTok video that mimics a sketch from ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. ,Don’t you think your smoky eyes are a little too much for everyday makeup?”, he asks the past self. “Yeah, but I’m going through a phase,” he replied, quoting Kardashian.

Ariana Grande talks about her weight loss

Last April, the former Disney starlet clarified the situation with a video on social media, reassuring her fans about her health. “The body you compare my image to today was a less healthy version of me,” she explained. ,I took antidepressants, drank, ate wrong, I was in the worst moment of my life: I looked healthy but it was anything but not healthy.Incidentally: these are my eyes, this is me without false eyelashes and eyeliner, Don’t be afraid, I know I shouldn’t give an explanation, but I think if I can be open and sensitive about this issue, some good will come of it”.

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