Arnold Schwarzenegger says he almost died of heart surgery

The famous Austrian actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, 76, has opened up to fans about his memorable role in Terminator and shared the disastrous open-heart surgery he had to undergo in 2018 details, it could be a disaster. Fatal results.

In a video titled “Start Over: Returning from Heart Surgery” posted on the YouTube platform, Schwarzenegger revealed his recovery process and how he got back on his feet to continue his career.

“I woke up suddenly and the doctor sat across from me and said, ‘We’re sorry, but instead of what we planned, we planned a non-invasive procedure – just go through the heart and replace the valve – we made a mistake and we wore over the heart wall, so we had to cause internal bleeding and open your heart very quickly … to save your life,” the Hollywood legend said in the video narration.

The actor, who served as governor of California from 2003 to 2011, said doctors gave him upsetting news when he woke up from surgery that his condition had been broken due to a medical error during the intervention. critical.

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The famous ’90s entertainer underwent surgery just months before filming on Terminator 6 began and found himself in a dire crisis. But Arnold did not give up, and used his usual discipline and tenacity to embark on a difficult road to recovery.

“The bottom line is the clock can’t be turned back. It’s a disaster. I’m in a mess. Now how do I get out of it? You have to change gears. Get up, change gears and say, ‘Okay, all I have to do now is Get out of this hospital,'” Schwarzenegger said.

During his recovery, Schwarzenegger took a positive approach and began to take small but important steps toward recovery. From getting out of bed by myself to walking down the halls of a hospital, every small achievement is a step in the right direction.

Although Arnold felt like an “idiot” walking around the hospital with oxygen tanks, he knew it was vital to exercise his lungs to avoid serious complications.

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“I look like an idiot walking down the hallway, but it’s important that I keep going because the doctors say you have to exercise your lungs because if you get pneumonia, you’re going to die,” said the seven-time Mr. Olympia. .

However, Schwarzenegger wasn’t the only one involved in the process. He has the unconditional support of his friends who have been by his side through every stage of his recovery, turning every small step forward into a victory.

It was with this unwavering support and “positive attitude” that Arnold overcame all odds and recovered in just three months, just in time to film “Terminator: Dark Fate.”

Despite the time pressure and daunting challenges, Schwarzenegger didn’t let desperation get the better of him.

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“I want to start exercising, get out of the hospital as soon as possible, and start training again. Because I start shooting Terminator 6 in three months. So I have to stay in shape. I have to be able to move, run, lift things, shoot fight scenes. We Made it happen because I had a positive attitude, I knew exactly how I was going to make it happen, I had a support system (because we couldn’t do it all alone), and when I started filming, it all came together again” ’, concludes the actor who has starred in one of the most successful film franchises.

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