Aroldis Chapman shows off his networking talents

Some athletes display their talents in sports outside their majors. Others even become professionals in some fields. Aroldis Chapman He seems to be one of those guys who has talent outside of baseball, and he shows it.

In the case of baseball, perhaps the most recognized example worldwide is Michael Jordan.legendary player chicago bullsWinner of multiple awards and considered by many to be the best player in history, he continues as a professional baseball player. In 1994, he played 127 games for the AA team chicago white sox 31 years old.

Well, Aroldis Chapman seems to be interested in the sport of blockbusters, stars in the sport Jordan He shone brightly and left an indelible mark. On Wednesday, January 3, the 35-year-old closer showed off his basketball skills to the public.

Aroldis Chapman scored multiple times and performed well

We’re not talking about the famous Cuban baseball player leaving baseball for basketball, which is the opposite of what he did. Jordan. In fact, Aroldis Chapman proved on Wednesday that with his size (1.93 meters) and more practice, perhaps he can go far in another sport. Of course, as his career progresses in the MLB and at his age, Aroldis Chapman He could only content himself with taking a few photos to showcase his talents to thousands of followers.

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