Artificial intelligence: 5 films that show how it will kill us in the future

Here are five films that accurately depict the possible methods that artificial intelligence will use in the future to get rid of us.

Artificial intelligence: 5 movies that show exactly how it will kill us all in the future

According to the millions of people who have started using it for work or leisure,Artificial intelligence it’s something just wonderful until it’s gone. Everyone loves asking their smartphone to play their favorite song, but there may come a day when our cell phones just say, “I’m sorry Marco, I can’t do that.after we asked to listen to it for the sixteenth time in a row.

Transcendence: Rebecca Hall with Cillian Murphy, Morgan Freeman and Johnny Depp in a movie scene

Transcendence: Rebecca Hall with Cillian Murphy, Morgan Freeman and Johnny Depp in a movie scene

I must say that, in addition to Elon Musk, for several decades movie tries to warn us about this and about much worse dangers: films in which AI rebels against the will of people (such as transcendencetwisted movie with Johnny Depp) seem to have foreseen the future, showing us a world not too far from ours, which will become our new reality if we choose to letTO act uncontrollably. Some people believe that even before such apocalypses happen, within the next few years, AI will be able to replace all those who seek to monetize their creativity: in part, the strike of writers and actors that is now taking place in Hollywood is talking about it. . Let’s find out together what awaits us in the second future The 5 Best AI Movies Ever Made.

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Frame from the movie

Frame from the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”

2001: Space Odyssey is a 1968 film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick and co-written with Arthur C. Clarke: while the downloader movie is the oldest on the list, that in no way detracts from its incredible relevance. The film is about humanity’s future journey to the stars and how artificial intelligence will “help” us reach them.
Considered one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of cinema, this film has a star that has now become part of the general imagination: we are obviously talking about HAL, a supercomputer represented by an unsettling red dot capable of reading the lips of people who speak with angelic calm time the question is asked. However, the HAL is a sentient computer, and for this reason it can also decide not to execute certain commands.
The supercomputer in 2001: A Space Odyssey is especially frightening because, in a sense, it already lives among us: there are many articles written about how technology companies listen to our conversations through our devices and how phones can always record our conversations. conversations, even in airplane mode. So yes, even if it didn’t happen in 2001, the events told in Kubrick’s famous film weren’t all that far from reality. Who can predict what will happen in the next 20 years? Especially when you consider that after the Jeff Bezos attack, we learned that in order to install spyware like Pegasus on our mobile phones, it is enough to know our phone number.

2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick and Science Fiction

2. Terminators

Terminator: Arnold Schwarzenegger in iconic role

Terminator: Arnold Schwarzenegger in iconic role

Director James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton and Paul Winfield, ex terminators fans think he’s much better than Terminator 2 – Judgment Day, mainly because it’s actually much scarier. It was not about the good Terminator against the bad Terminator, but only about the villain who wants to kill a woman before she can give birth to the savior of the Earth: there is nothing more terrifying for humanity today, given realities such as the idea of ​​a film could come to life in no time terms.
Everyone knows The Terminator, it’s practically the best movie when it comes to the dangers of technology. People often say:skynet“as an abbreviation for “we are broke“in case technology becomes truly intelligent. Of course, films terminators they have deteriorated in quality over the years, but the message has always remained clear: if we get tired of AI as a species, we will all die.

3. Matrix

Matrix Tablets 625X352

Red or blue pill?

Directed by the Wachowski brothers, starring Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, Joe Pantoliano and, of course, Keanu Reeves in one of his most iconic roles, matrix told a very different story: in fact, we are all already living in a simulation created by AI so that we can use our bodies for food. But according to the film, there is hope as some people who know this terrible secret decide to rebel against the AI.
The Matrix is ​​another one of those important films meant to demonstrate that artificial intelligence is more likely to see us the way we see ants if it becomes capable of thinking for itself. Aside from the iconic scenes in which Weaving, as Agent Smith, relentlessly pursues Reeves’ character Neo, the truly unsettling part of the film is certainly the one that shows all the people trapped in pods: it’s almost impossible to imagine a darker fate for humanity.

“Secret Invasion”, opening credits and the problem of artificial intelligence: the line between tool and danger

4. Former car

Ex-car: Alicia Vikander in a scene from a fantasy film

Ex-car: Alicia Vikander in a scene from a fantasy film

Director Alex Garland and he is played by Domhnall Gleason, Alicia Vikander and the incomparable Oscar Isaac, Ex Machina is one of the best sci-fi films of all time, and many still find it scandalous that the film was not nominated for the 2015 Best Picture Oscar. The plot essentially concerns a programmer (Gleason) who has the opportunity to spend a week at the house of his company’s CEO (Isaac) only to find that the boss is experimenting with the Turing test. The programmer is the perfect test subject, but as you can imagine from the title of this article, things get hopelessly complicated.
Former car scares in its development: the film shows us how Gleason’s character falls in love with the android Ava, a creature whose face seems as real as Isaac’s. The characters of Gleason and Isaac underestimate this, which makes this situation truly frightening, since dozens of articles and open letters have appeared over the past few years regarding the future dangers of AI.

5. M3GAN

M3Gan 4

M3GAN: image

The last film on the list is M3GAN, a film directed by Gerard Johnstonel based on a short story by Akela Cooper and the legendary James Wangand starring Allison Williams, Violet McGraw and Amy Donald. M3GAN (which stands for Model 3 Generative Android) is about a girl who loses her parents and gets an android instead; this proves to be the scariest aspect of the film, as the android was designed to protect its owner both emotionally and physically.
Even if you haven’t seen the movie yet, I’m sure you can understand what’s unfolding from this premise: M3GAN it’s like any horror movie about killer dolls, but it has a much more sinister aspect at its core, as the android’s decisions are guided by the AI, and not by the devil or the spirit of some killer.

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