Artificial intelligence achieves unprecedented feat: Messi can speak fluent English | Football | Sports

Argentinian star Lionel Messi is one of the most recognized football players in the world, not only because of the way he plays, but also because he is one of those players who refuses to speak any language other than Spanish.

However, current technology makes it possible to create something that for many people may never happen: Leo Messi holding a press conference in English.

What is the oceanfront mansion near Miami that Messi spent $10.8 million on? Where does he protect his privacy? How many houses does the Argentinian star own in Florida?

A video has gone viral on social networks in which we can see the man from Rosario speaking in very long English during a press conference about the final of a match he played with Inter Miami.

The shirt swap between Galindez and Messi sparked reactions and multiple debates: “What a huge loot the Ecuadorian goalkeeper took away”

However, this is not about Celeste White learning English during her brief stay in America; software Artificial intelligence is able to take a human voice and make it speak in another language, with perfect phrasing and maintaining the timbre of the original voice.

The video was posted by a user on his X account (formerly Twitter) while he was testing it in Italian with President Alberto Fernandez in Antarctica.

For both cases, internet users used Hagena platform online It allows generating audio of someone speaking in another language. (Four)

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