Arturo Vidal disdains Garnacho for imitating Cristiano Ronaldo in goal celebration

Iconic goals, the ones that live forever in fans’ memories, will never be buried.last weekend Alejandro Garnacio He attempted extraordinary spins so that his team, Manchester Unitedwill gain the advantage evertonIn the end they defeated their opponents 3-0. Against this backdrop, more reactions emerged over time, although everyone was surprised by the incident. Arturo Vidal due to its negative nature. “I don’t understand,” the Chilean said.

The meeting between the two took place at the stadium Goodison Park, hoping to host an unforgettable meeting. Indeed. When the referee blew the opening whistle and the statistics became history, the Argentinian unleashed the fury of his people prematurely.

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Initial phase two minutes Marcus Rashford He receives the ball on the right side and assists in the game Diogo Dalot. The Portuguese’s return cross seemed to miss, but the youngster, whose father is Spanish and mother is Argentinian, unleashed his talents and attempted a magnificent spin: an admirable overhead kick, Hanging the ball in the corner, overcoming the opposition’s resistance. Jordan Pickfordwho was stunned.

Due to the spectacular nature of this move, more than one football fan may remember one of the goals cristiano ronaldo. Gallner not only imitated the game, but also imitated the celebration, thinking that he made a celebration typical of stars currently playing for English football clubs. Saudi Arabia.

The ruthless moves of young men from Los Diablos Rojos

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Coincidentally, this attempt to imitate the CR7 caused king arthur, who is responsible for making it public. “Terrible goal. The only bad thing, or what I don’t understand, is why he celebrates being a Christian. I don’t understand why he doesn’t celebrate and make a badge. It’s good that he is his idol, but he has to Be famous. “He is already a great player,” Arturo Vidal said on his social media channels. twitch. He then added: “I respect him as his idol. But he has to be famous otherwise he will always remain in the shadows. Celebrate in another way. But it was a great goal, it was a great goal ball.”

In addition, also through live broadcast, the team’s midfielder red golden generation Who has starred in barcelona, Juventus and Bayern Munichand others commented on what he wanted to achieve. Boca 2024. “I saw what happened with Romain (Riquelme, vice-president, running for president on December 3). Do I believe that I was born to play for Boca? I think so. This is a team with me Very similar team… If I joined Boca I would have to dye my hair blue. “Signing there would be a dream,” he said.

Grenache reaction

The eccentric youngster looked excited after completing his incredible catch-and-ball technique. First he celebrated like Cristiano, then he made some gestures suggesting “what a good goal I scored”, and finally he gave an interview to Sky about his feelings.

“I couldn’t believe it to be honest. I didn’t see how he scored, I just listened to the crowd and said: ‘Oh my God! That’s one of the best goals I’ve ever scored. We were still at 11 month, but that’s probably one of the goals for this season).”

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