Aruseiros: Alfonso Aruse, dressed as Miguel Bosse, attacks the coronavirus vaccine: “This is not the solution”

The coronavirus health emergency was resolved last May. Thus, the World Health Organization ends the years of difficult times marked by masks.Some masks have become a shield against Covid 19, such as vaccine.To be precise, the latter was expressed this Wednesday Alfonso Alous The issue in “Aruser@s” (La Sexta) about the increase in cases of the disease leaves the audience with a resounding statement that at other times would surely have been harshly criticized.

“Aruser@s” echoes how Covid 19 cases are increasing in Spain in the “Dangers of Autumn” section. “There are more coronaviruses this fall than last year,” he said first. Alfonso Alous, which gave way to one of its social gatherings to amplify the message. A collaborator on the La Sexta project said: “While there is not much talk about coronavirus anymore, the incidence is higher this year and, in fact, many people are experiencing it without even knowing they have it. ——This is the new coronavirus.” The comment said that the reason is that it is confused with influenza and respiratory viruses.Therefore, space journalists remind the public that whether it is for coronavirusas for influenza and bronchitis, “vaccines are available.”

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«But what will we see.It’s just that we won’t have arms anymore, we won’t really have that many arms anymore vaccine», he complained Alfonso Alous Just heard his partner talking about vaccinations. “No way, it’s just that it’s not the solution, so many vaccines,” the “Aruser@s” host stressed. “We look like sieves,” Angie Cárdenas added in Arus’ comments, echoing a news article that gave the best advice for ending a cold.

“Look, the solution to (the cold) is most Spanish cuisine, and that’s rosemary,” he points out. Alfonso Arous, This gives this home remedy ‘Aruthus’ Say goodbye to any colds.

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