As the cold approaches, the solution most people will follow

In the fall, especially in the middle of winter, it’s reallyIt’s hard to give up having a warm home.This time of year we usually stay home except for the coldperhaps to enjoy a delicious menu in the company of friends and family.

this heater they must Appropriate use, so as not to lose heat at the end of the month and risk paying a large bill. In fact, this is a financially demanding month, including spending on gifts, so trying to save money isn’t a bad idea.

Another fairly frequent purchase we make at: Winter refers to air fresheners, Various sizes and costs. A spend This may be necessary since we always keep the windows closed We cook various dishes This can cause the walls and fabrics to smell.This is a little trick to literally reduce the population, they probably used it too our grandmother, This has to do with the bay leaf.

Bay leaf benefits

In order not to spend money Spend huge amounts of money on perfume diffusers, Many people place Fresh bay leaves on top of radiator.When heated, the leaves release Incredible, pleasant and delicate aroma, The smell in the house will be like never before.But it is also useful to dry it Grow and reuse in a short time Prepare an infusion or as a condiment in dishes.

he laurel will help purify and manufacture The air inside the house is fresh, no need to turn to other products as essential oils are used to treat bronchitis and flu. What’s even more surprising is that many people place bay leaves under their beds, sofas, or other furniture..The reasons are undoubtedly beneficial i.e. to repel cockroaches, ants, moths and mice,A Real natural insect repellent. But there’s another possible benefit in terms of good mood, apparently this aromatic plant can promote relaxation and counteract stress.

For these reasons, It can be useful to have a plant on your windowsill at home so that it is always available. let’s put it in a The windows are exposed to the sun, Plant it in rich drainage soil gravel or crock. Let’s not overstate the amount of water, fertilize your perennials about once a month to keep them lush.

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Laurel, fundamental ally

At home, bay leaves are used Keep away from bugs and mold. If we are afraid of borers after opening a package of flour, we put it in an airtight container and put some bay leaves nearby. The moths will stay away. Bay leaves can help prevent mold even when we store winter clothes, cushions or rugs.We put the leaves into the container and add Carnation flowers and essential oil.Antioxidant properties and eugenol protect our respiratory and immune systems, e.g. By infusion or perfusion.

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