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Ah, oh love… such a strong feeling that people want to leave it on their skin! But when or the romance of Aqaba? Many famous people got tattoos at home in parks and gardens, but let us clarify that they are covered or attached after a movie about a relationship.

MC Guimê has a tattoo of Lexa with a different design – Photo: Reprodução/Instagram

MC Guimet went through it. Now announce the history of your home with Lexa, the artist decides to cover the tattoo done on the singer’s head with a new design and share the process in his social circles on this third day (17). Check out the before and after of this tattoo:

Other celebrities this summer will find themselves in the same situation as MC Guimê. See you soon:

Rainha de Batería do Salgueiro is a campean de phaser and then a cobrir tattoo for ancient lovers. On Vivian’s antebras is tattooed the name of the singer Belo, with whom she loved us for nine years. After a relationship movie, you decide to have your tattoo removed.

Live, like the name of Jogador Radames, in his former noivo, in his body. You had a tattoo on your body, but it was covered up by the tattoo.

Vivian Araujo has tattoos in honor of Belo and Radames – Photo: Reprodução

Belo, for his part, also did the tattoo for Vivian. He wrote or said Atriz’s name in his bracelet. Unlike the first, the singer does not remove a tattoo, but a head with drawings of flowers.

Alem de Vivian and Belo, Latino and Kelly Key also trocaram tatuagens de amor. We have been together for five years and during our relationship we saw our friend Suzanne.

Ele desenhou or rosto da cantora na coxa direita; tattoo of ex-husband’s face on trousers. Latino later decided to cover Kelly’s image with a phoenix as he decided to pay for a full tattoo.

Latin tattoo or growth of Kelly Key, which can be drawn as a drawing of the mind of a phoenix – Photo: Reprodução

We were at home with the singer Otto in 2001 and 2008. We also included a third of them, Betina, who has now completed the main scene.

During the relationship, Alessandra got a tattoo of her husband’s name on her arm. Just like with a home movie, you choose not to pay for the brand and instead turn it into the word “love”.

Alessandra Negrini with Otto’s tattoo with the “amor” logo – Photo: Reprodução/Instagram/Daryan Dornelles

Another attraction who also made love and decided to mark it on Deborah Secco’s skin. House with Hugo Moura, lover of the singer Falcao from the group O Rappa, from 2004 to 2006, and got a tattoo in his domaine.

The artist wrote the words “True true love, eternal love” himself. After some time, decide on a tattoo remover.

Deborah Secco with a tattoo made for Falcao – Photo: Reprodução/Instagram

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

International celebrities have also gone through this situation! Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson had a friendly relationship and only wanted to meet each other for three months. The intensity of the relationship led to him dedicating various tattoos to each other.

Pete, for example, painted a brown mask behind his shoulder, the same as the one he used on the top of the “Dangerous Woman” album, but not in peach color. After a breakup, the artist turns the tattoo into a heart. After some time, you decide to remove it completely.

Pete Davidson has several tattoos designed for Ariana Grande, as well as after her tattoo – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Ariana wrote “8418”, the number of Pete’s badge, which was blown up and killed during the 9/11 attack on Torres Gemeas in New York, his country. He also has a tattoo of “Myron”, the name of his famous ex-lover/rapper Mac Miller.

Do you think influencer Rafa Kalimann is now at home with sertanejo Rodolfo? It’s polka dots! About relationships, the time has come and we got a tattoo. On the ex-BBB it is written on the date of your home, 09/26/2016, out of stock.

After the breakup, Rafa made changes to his tattoo in 2017, on his birthday.

Rafa Kaliman turned a tattoo for Rodolfo into his domanagem for the young – Photo: Reproducção/Instagram

Before meeting rapper Travis Scott and now actor Timothée Chalamet, Kylie was in a relationship with another rapper, Tyga. She got a tattoo of the letter “t” in her tornozelo.

It was later changed to “A”, which could be interpreted as a reference to Los Angeles, her hometown.

Kylie Jenner turned her tattoo back into the old one – Photo: Reprodução/Instagram

Between 2011 and 2012, she convinced her to get a tattoo of the name of her lover, footballer Victor Ramos. Finally, Nicole underwent a tattoo removal procedure, completed in 2014.

Nicole Bahls removes tattoo of her ex Victor Ramos – Photo: Reprodução/Instagram

Before joining Selina Locks, the ex-jogador compromised with host Danielle Cicarelli. At that time, he wanted to tattoo both newcomers, “R and D”, on his own pulse. At the house end it became a D song and an R outro, a reference to his son Ronald.

When you fall in love with model Selina Locks, a phenomenon awaits you and you will totally get a tattoo of your skin and your heart.

Tattoo on Ronaldo’s head for Daniella Chicarelli – Photo: Reprodução

Now that I’ve been through a different situation than Angelina Jolie. A tattoo of the name of Billy Bob Thornton, his first husband, but not on his boy’s arm. After my divorce in 2003, I decided to have my tattoo removed.

Jolie later began a long-term relationship with Brad Pitt, adopting different national traits on the acting side. Angelina was there and got a new tattoo on her arm, featuring all of her extended family’s birthmarks.

But my relationship with Brad also ended in divorce. It was recently removed only in agreement with the birth of Brad from his skin, leaving him with sons.

Angelina Jolie has a tattoo dedicated to Brad Pitt from her family – Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

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