Asante Samuel’s Tom Brady – ‘Terrible’ Patriots hit is his worst yet

Asante Samuel is no stranger to talking heads with the Patriots since retiring, but his recent comments do confirm what’s becoming increasingly clear: We should all ignore him.

Unable to be taken seriously by any sports media, Samuel had to go to TMZ to deliver his latest hot take, which is just as ridiculous as you might imagine:

Samuel asserted that not only should the “terrible” New England Patriots go out and re-sign Tom Brady, but that if they did, they would win the Super Bowl.

Is the Patriots offense in trouble? certainly. Does Mac Jones need to be replaced? Almost certain.

But that’s a huge leap from the fact that at 46 years old, Tom Brady isn’t ready for another NFL season and he’s turned this team into a Super Bowl contender .

The idea is almost so stupid that I don’t want to take the time to outline why it’s stupid, but sometimes I just can’t help but take the bait.

First, the Patriots are more than just quarterback away from becoming a Super Bowl contender. Sure, this defense is good, but especially without Matthew Judon and Christian Gonzalez, this defense can’t single-handedly carry a team.

Second, it’s not just the quarterback’s absence that’s derailing this offense. The Patriots have stifled their receiving corps this offseason and the offensive line has been brutal. Putting a 46-year-old in the pocket doesn’t suddenly create time to throw or get anyone open.

Third, why would Tom Brady be the answer? Like, I understand why that’s the name if you want media attention, but what if you’re serious?

Brady won’t be able to make the Super Bowl in 2021, or even the playoffs in 2022, because the Buccaneers’ roster looks very similar to the one he won the Super Bowl with in 2020. These lineups also look better than the current Patriots.

2022 was one of the least efficient passing seasons of his career. Now he doesn’t practice like an NFL player in the offseason because he’s not an NFL player.

So, without any training, should he somehow perform better than he did last year and have more success with a worse lineup?

The sports media has begun to ignore Samuel’s efforts to stay relevant, and now it would be great if TMZ followed suit so we wouldn’t have to hear from him anymore.

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