Asier Etxeberria, one year working at Euskaltel Euskadi

Asia (1998, Egesibal) will continue to play for Uskatal-Uskadi next season. The Navarre cyclist, who has been part of the Bascardi Foundation since 2017, first as an amateur and since 2022 in the professional team, will continue his cycling progress in a structure that has seen him grow.

Asier was promoted to the first team in 2022, but in 2023 he was ruled out by a fall in his first game in Mallorca (a serious knee injury) and mononucleosis mid-season. With rock climbing experience, his work and professionalism have earned him the trust of sports administration. An elite cyclist under the age of 23, he grew up in the Bascardi Foundation youth team and completed five years of amateur training starting in 2019 under the name LABORAL Kutxa, becoming in 2019 and 2021 The stagiaire. His extension joins those of Mikel Bizkarra, Joan Bou, Xabier Isasa, Mikel Iturria and Gotzon Martín.

Asia Etx Siberia: “The truth is, I’m grateful the team gave me another chance. After all the hard work in the preseason, this year has been nothing like I expected. Between the falls, illness and other factors, things haven’t gone the way we wanted. It develops that way.” .Hopefully this situation can change next year; we will continue to work hard and strive for better results.

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