At Firenze Comics 2023 voice actresses Benedetta Degli Innocenti and Jasmine Lorenti

Florence, August 14, 2023 – We all know this well Benedetta Degli Innocenti, official Italian voice of Lady Gaga in films and other important characters in major television series, such as Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) – the main character of “Downtown Abbey” – and Daisy Ridley in “Star Wars”, Anya Chalotra in “The Witcher”, Danielle Brooks in “Orange”. it’s the new black.”

In 2015 he received the Audience Award at the VII International Dubbing Grand Prix, in 2018 a Special Mention in the film category at the Voci nell’Ombra dubbing festival, and in 2019 the I Sassi D’oro award. Benedetta Degli Innocenti will be present at the VII edition of Firenze Comics, a comics and pop culture fair scheduled for Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 at Villa Montalvo in Campi Bisenzio, along with his famous colleague. Jasmine Laurenti.

“The atmosphere, permeated with art and freedom, which I have always felt, connects me with Florence,” commented Benedetta. It’s ugly to say it, but it was our favorite place in those days when my three friends and I really wanted to avoid the professor’s interrogation. stories. And then regionals at 8 am from Prato and beyond. A trip to the Uffizi, a burger, and the morning was an unforgettable moment. And then my closest friend Giulia Mazzoni, a world-renowned pianist and composer whom I’ve known since kindergarten, now lives there. Both the affection I feel for her and the admiration for Florence have been merged for many years. On stage, I’ll do a little demo, clearly showing only part of the whole work that’s actually behind it. And above all, to give someone from the audience the opportunity to rehearse with me.”

Jasmine Laurenti is another professional who needs no introduction. It’s the voice of many of my favorite characters, from Maria (Let’s sing along) to Simone (It’s almost magic, Johnny); from Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon) to Kaori (City Hunter) and then Tisiphone (Knights of the Zodiac) again, Lum in some OAVs, Margo in Lupine, Dee Dee (Dexter’s Lab), Aida (Aida of Trees) and many, many more. The 79th Venice Film Festival will present the film in which she starred as an actress in the flesh: “Sola Nina” by independent director Massimo Libero Michieletto. “It’s been a long time since my last comic book fair,” Jasmine explains, “and reliving a magical experience in a city as magical as Florence is a gift within a gift. I can’t wait to hug my fans again and compete with them to see who has the most gray hair. I have a vague feeling that I will beat them big. My favorite part, aside from posing with them for stories and short videos on social media, is signing the calves with the tattoo artist’s needles. But how. Didn’t you know? These days it is very fashionable to get a tattoo autographed by your favorite actor! Seriously: Giving your voice to dozens and dozens of cartoons can have strange consequences when you become “adult” because you always remain a little child “inside”. Then we understand that the passage of time also has a “serious” aspect, deep and full of meaning. And it is this part of me, besides the game, that is absolutely new. Therefore, I will answer your questions about dubbing, spreading my discoveries here and there, broken and mended dreams, closed and open doors. I will tell, whoever it is, the least known, least predictable, and most obvious part of me. So, every time you listen to the voices of Creta, Sailor Venus, Lum, Tisiphone or Dee Dee, you will think of me not only as a “voice actress” but also as a full moon lake reporter (I love photographing full the moon reflected in the lake), a restless night scribbler (yes, I’m writing my third book) and an avid dreamer who never gives up (It’s never too late to be happy!!!). In short: I look forward to seeing you at Firenze Comics #7.” Two days of Firenze Comics start in the morning at 10 and end in the evening at 21, entrance fee is 10 euros; discount 6/13 years 5€ Info: (email protected) 3291059220

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