At the edge of the pool, Kimberly Loaiza rocks the trend with a mariposa top.

Kimberly Guadalupe Loaisa Martinez, S.P. Kimberly Loaiza she is one of the internet stars who has made the biggest impact in recent years.

Originally from Mexicali, Baja California began in Las City. social rules I’m watching videos on the channel YouTubeand as he gradually grew, he became known as one of the 5 most influential YouTubers in Mexico.

In 2019, I decided to start a music career, based on the number of followers whose stories I grew up in, I should position myself as the seventh user with the most followers. TICK Yes.

Without an embargo, this furor cannot be created only in these red ones, you can Instagram He has amassed over 37 million followers and each post has received thousands of reactions.

An example is the most recent post made on his official account. Instagram, where from the edge of the pool, Kimberly Loaiza creates a trend with the mariposa top.

The text “KM” was the only one the singer wrote at the bottom of the photo, accompanied by an emoji of a very thoughtful girl with the same look as she is shown in the photos.


El post de Kimberly Loaiza It took social media by storm with only 958 million likes, and internet users never lost the opportunity to send messages to the influencer.


Some comments talk about the actress’s figure, others about her outfit. “The most beautiful” and “Diosa” were some of the phrases that followers mentioned in the post. Kimberly Loaiza.


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