At the Glastonbury Festival, David Hockney’s work with artificial intelligence

While the world lives in constant worry about being replaced by artificial intelligence, someone is having a great time in the true sense of the word: last weekend, at the Glastonbury Festival in England, one of the most important in the world , david hockney Presented his latest work on environmental dimensions and precisely created through algorithms.

On the other hand, it should come as no surprise that the English artist, in addition to being a heavy smoker, is considered an unrivaled master of pictorial technique and has always enjoyed playing with technology. His iPad drawings are now well-known, displayed in galleries around the world and published in a beautiful Taschen book. In January 2023, the first immersive and interactive exhibition dedicated to his works was held in the ultra-technological spaces of Lightroom in London.

David Hockney, Lightroom, London. Ph.D. Justin Sutcliffe

Designed work for Glastonbury Festival’s Pyramid Stage, a platform that features musicians of the caliber Arctic Monkeys, Guns N’ Roses, Lil Nas X and Blondie, was presented by CIRCA, a digital arts and culture platform which curates a program of installations on the big screens of Piccadilly Circus. Hockney previously collaborated with CIRCA on a project in May 2021 to feature advertising screens spanning six cities around the world. For Glastonbury Festival, Hockney used artificial intelligence to remove all figures from his 2014 work in the series Dancers, leaving only the background with a blank landscape. The original work features a group of brightly dressed dancers holding hands in a circle, in an arrangement similar to the world-famous one. dance Of matisse,

David Hockney, The Dancers V, August 27 – September 4, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 48″ x 72″ (121.9 cm x 182.9 cm) © 2019 David Hockney

Working on his iPad and using artificial intelligence, David Hockney developed the work further, and arrived at the creation of a one-minute video animation titled i used to live in bohemia bohemia is a tolerant place, was projected on the stage’s giant screen during the concert on the evening of June 23. And there couldn’t have been a more fitting message for a festival born out of hippie culture. “A hundred years have passed since the last time there was talk of perspective with Cubism. I believe now that things are being generated by robots, we have to look even more closely and with brand new eyes, Hockney said.

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