Athletes competing in more than one discipline

Salma Paralulo, Usain Bolt, Michael Jordan and Jim Thorpe have excelled in more than one discipline. Credit: Footnotes.

There are plenty of athletes who have competed in more than one sport and left history in both sports they played in during their careers. On the other side of the coin are athletes who shine and become legends in only one sport and fail to achieve the expected success in another.

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Salma Paralluelo: Football and Track Records

One of the recent success stories is Salma P.arriveraspberrychampion 2023 Australia-New Zealand World Cup.

last sunday, spanish national team Women’s soccer team becomes world champions for first time after beating rivals U.K. 1-0.Salma Paralluelo stays in history Red Be the first woman to conquer the world in three different categories: under 17, under 20 years old and with elderly.

In track and field, Spanish women win two gold medals European Youth Olympic Festival 2019Disputed about Baku, Azerbaijan. She is a champion in the 400m hurdles and medley relay.

Credit: Footnotes.

In addition, he also won a bronze medal Spanish Indoor Championships In the 400m event.His final score was 53.83, the best under 18 worldwide.

Paralulo practiced both sports until 2021 when he decided to leave track and field. The young Spaniard suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. After his injury ended, he threw himself into football and went on to make history.

Jim Thorpe, the most versatile athlete

He was an outstanding American athlete because he competed in five sports: pentathlon, decathlon, American football, baseball and basketball.In the first two competitions, he won the gold medal 1912 Stockholm Olympics.

But the following year, both medals were revoked after a newspaper published an article denouncing Thorpe.

the rules at that time International Olympic Committee (International Olympic Committee), that is, athletes participating in this competition must be amateurs. Thorpe reportedly received funding to play minor league baseball, another sport he played. Although the American explained to the IOC that he had not violated the rules, he was stripped of his medal because he was competing against collegiate athletes.

Thirty years after Thorpe died in 1953, the IOC has changed its mind and today recognizes him as the Olympic champion of both events. In this way, he is considered the only athlete to hang gold medals in the pentathlon and decathlon events.

Credit: Footnotes.

Usain Bolt, the fastest man doesn’t shine in football

Like Salma Pararulo, the Jamaican has excelled in both sports. The only difference is that he only broke a few world records in athletics, but he was not as successful in football as he thought.

Bolt get eight gold medals Olympic Games 100m, 200m and 4x100m poles. In addition, he has won 14 world medals, including 11 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal.That brand was overtaken by his compatriot the other day Shirley Ann Fraser Pricewhen the bronze ware is hung in a place of 100 square meters budapest.

In 2017, boltelected six times Sportsman of the Year, retired from athletics. He started his brief football career in 2018, when he wore the shirt of the English football club central coast mariners of new Zealand.The following year, he participated in Stroms Gossett IF of Norway.

Hakeem Olajuwon defensive bow and circle

The former Nigerian center forward, a naturalized American, has had a long career in the United States. houston rockets From 1984 to 2001, he was the historical scoring leader.he is a champion NBA 1994 and 1995.his other club is toronto raptors.

He won the gold medal with the US team 1996 Atlanta Olympics. same year, Hakeem Olajuwon He was named one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history and ESPY Awards to the best player

Olajuwon dedicated himself to football before winning two NBA rings nigeria. He played as a goalkeeper and defender when he was young.

Credit: Footnotes.

Michael Jordan: A basketball legend and one small step for baseball

The American left a huge mark on the world of basketball.he won the gold medal in the game 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and Barcelona 1992.Other notable achievements include six NBA championship rings chicago bulls.

He entered a brief phase of his baseball career in 1993 when he decided to stop playing basketball. The motive was the murder of the father, james jordan. Since then, he has devoted himself to baseball, as his father is a fan of the sport and he plays it semi-professionally.

jordan played for birmingham baronsa minor league team chicago white sox, he played 127 games. After his baseball career, he returned to basketball and went on to break records. He won the MVP in six Finals and five seasons, and was the NBA scoring leader 10 times.

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