Atletico Madrid – Napoli: Cristiano Ronaldo: Bellingham, who scored in Real Madrid’s first four Champions League games

rightReal Madrid has achieved a perfect result in the Champions League due to character, resources and experience. They beat a responsive Napoli, who took the lead through Giolito Simeone’s goal, and produced their finest hour at the Bernabeu. But just like in Maradona, he found a huge, dominant footballer who was able to unleash his talent from start to finish to prevent Madrid from losing in his favorite game. Jude Bellingham scored a goal, and yes, another and a fourth, but above the numbers was extraordinary football, Precise and sharp, especially in the final stages that decide the outcome of a match, to confirm their hierarchy. A team obsessed with him, winning again and letting their fans enjoy themselves and devote themselves to the Englishman.

There was a momentary crush. A gesture, a look, a whisper is enough to let us know that they were meant to meet. Something less romantic and more effective happens between Jude Bellingham. From the first day he put on the No. 5 shirt, he gave everything to dazzle at the Bernabeu., we are not talking about goals. That too. What’s more, his combination of polished high school football and unreserved dedication made him a pivot for the Whites. A chill went through the stadium when the Englishman was seen on the pitch after spraining his ankle, which made the Champions League tie a secondary concern. Big words. That’s how big it got in three months.

Another milestone: Jude Bellingham now scores in every Champions League game for Real Madrid. Four out of four. Not even Cristiano Ronaldo.

Bellingham, the pivot of Real Madrid

By the 42nd minute, Madrid was already taking the lead. Ancelotti gave Brahim his chance in Cadiz but his stomach refused him. He also deployed Ceballos on the right wing to help Dani Carvajal and Kvaratzhelia, with Napoli’s huge threat in the lineup affected in Osimhen’s absence. The Georgia native is a neighborhood player who only needs to play a ball in his own area to look for a shot, collect rebounds from the defense and then pass the cross to Di Lorenzo, who is ahead of Simeone’s arrival Pass the ball to the defender behind you. Gio fired in from close range and Lunin squirmed looking for a miracle, but the whistle vibrated on the referee’s wrist. Target.

But Madrid are in their best form of the season. Instead of complaining about the blow his good opponent received, he immediately stood up. After measuring both of his players, starting from his favored left corner, the extraordinary blow to Rodrigo’s side appeared in the statistics. The immediate draw would not have been possible without Brahim’s magnificent grab and Anguesa’s roulette to start the counterattack. The 1-1 scoreline allowed Madrid to shine, with Carvajal shooting from the wing, Kroos controlling the flow of the ball, Brahim appearing between the lines and Rodrygo improving every attack. The 2-1 scoreline was the result of a long slow attack from one side to the other that surprised the Napoli defense. With his glove on his left foot, Alaba moved up a few meters and passed a diagonal pass behind Juan Jesus. Bellingham was there and finished like a hammer. power and location,

Madrid handles the rest of the first act authoritatively. He was able to increase his earnings, especially thanks to Carvajal’s electric casting, but according to captain Di Lorenzo, Napoli were not defeated. Lightning comes from the right. His cross hoped that Simeone would equalize the score, but it was blocked by Rudiger, who was somewhat passive in defense. This is what is announced at the beginning of the second act as to what is going to happen. Osimhen replaced Simeone, and Naples’ left wing was excited and got oil. Zambo Anguissa found the center, received a twisted clearance from Ceballos, and volleyed into the net from a small angle.

Yes, this time, Madrid suffered. He lost track of the game and his best players, swallowed up by an ever-growing rivalry. Ceballos misplaced the ball and the whole of Real Madrid were on the opposing pitch, forcing Valverde to perform a miracle and avoid a goal. It was the last Andalusian in the game. Joselu came on and Nico Paz replaced the cramped Brahim shortly afterwards. Napoli were dominant for a while but their goal was disallowed due to Osimhen being clearly offside and for no other reason.

The Italian champion missed chances, something that usually comes at a cost at the Bernabeu. Bellingham is an all-around player. He is a passer, center and finisher. One body. The only thing missing was Joselu not tying his boots properly. He squandered four clear-cut chances, including a header with no goalkeeper. The White team found their home hero and turned the tables. Nico Paz is one of the gems of the quarry and he had a great long range shot on Ctrabajo. Mere failed and lived up to the old motto of “take a chance, just in case.” He touched it.

The 3-2 scoreline forced Napoli into the lead and left space for Bellingham, who pulled a goal back for Joselu with a superb pass from the left to the far post, adding to his entire squad. The night came to a successful end. How could he apologize to Jude for wasting so many assists. It’s worth paying the price of admission just to see this Englishman.

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