Attack of the giants captures Naples

Napoli players Lozano and Lobotka have revealed that they are fans of Attack on the Giants, Hajime Isayama’s famous manga and anime.

LATEST FOOTBALL NEWS NAPLES. Japanese pop culture is taking the world by storm, and the wave of manga and anime is not limited to the entertainment industry. Even in the world of football, some players reveal their passion for these works of art. Recently, two Napoli players, Hirving Lozano and Lobotka, have expressed their love for Attack on the Giants, popular series written and drawn Hajime Isayama.

Attack of the Giants and Napoli: an unexpected meeting

While series like Naruto have earned celebrities like Michael B. Jordan and basketball player Zion Williamson, Attack on Titan is no different. In an unexpected revelation, two world-class players from Napoli, a Mexican striker Hirving Lozano and midfielder Lobotka showed a passion for the series.

The couple is not limited to anime, but also reads manga, as evidenced by a photo posted on the Web, in which Lobotka is captured with the two-volume Attack on Titan in the English edition.

Anime and Manga: A Growing Passion for Football

The influence of Japanese animation and manga on the world of football is growing. This division of interests between two seemingly different worlds offers players a human and approachable side, proving that even football stars can be fans of these animated series.

Lozano and Lobotka’s passion for Attack on Titan may also inspire others to explore the world of anime and manga. Who knows if they will show some special video dedicated to Isayama anime or other manifestations of their passion in the future.

Conclusions: cultural meeting

This combination of football and Japanese animation creates an interesting and unexpected cultural encounter. Stars like Lozano and Lobotka, who openly demonstrate their love for Attack on Titan, are building a bridge between the world of sports and the world of art, creativity and imagination.

Enthusiasm for the series is not limited to books or television. The popularity of “Attack on the Giants” is such that she even went to the beach with a sand sculpture dedicated to “Attack on the Titans”.

The overall appeal of Attack on Titan and other anime and manga continues to grow, and now it is also reaching football fields in Europe. Showcasing how art and sport can come together, crossing cultural barriers and creating unexpected connections.

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