Auction star relics; they might surprise you

Auction star items
Collectors seek out stars’ most famous items.Photo: AFP

like the piano above Freddie Mercury consist of “Bohemian Rhapsody” or The hat worn by Michael Jackson at the “Moonwalk” premiere, Up for auction in September, these are Other celebrity relics That They encourage auctions.

Marilyn Monroe dress

Buyer paid November 2016 USD 4.8 million get Marilyn Monroe’s Mythical Dress Used to sing lewd songs “Happy birthday Mr. President” To the President John F.Kennedy On the occasion of his 45th birthday, the painting was auctioned Julien’s Auctions.

The dress fit Marilyn’s figure so well that it was sewn onto the legendary actress and singer shortly before taking the stage. May 19, 1962, Madison Square Garden, New York.

Many of Marilyn’s dresses were auctioned off.

Kurt Cobain guitars up for auction

this Guitar with which Kurt Cobain Recording of Nirvana’s famous “Unplugged” concert in 1993 Sold for $6 million in June 2020 At the auction, also Julian’s. This is a guitar record.

Prior to this, the most expensive guitar was the Fender Stratocaster. Baptized “Black Strat”, British band guitarist uses Pink Floyd, David Gilmour. it was sold by musicians US$3.97 million At the auction held in June 2019 Christie’s For the benefit of charity.

Jordan and Maradona T-shirts

September 2022, Sotheby’s Grant Jersey No. 23 sells for $10.1 million that basketball player Michael Jordan He used the term during his final NBA championship in 1998. This is definitely a record for sports articles.

Prices for other jerseys are also high, such as soccer player jerseys Diego Maradona Sold for $9.3 million May 2022 or basketball player’s Kobe Bryant Price: 5.8 million In February 2023, three years after his death in a helicopter accident at the age of 41.Both are at auction Sotheby’s.

Another sporting relic is ball used by diego maradona he is The “Hand of God” of the 1986 World Cup, The selling price is $2.5 million exist Graham Bard Auctioneers November 2022.

“Like a Rolling Stone” manuscript auction

original manuscripts of the most famous songs Bob Dylan, “Like a Rolling Stone” be awarded US$2 million June 2014 in SAutherby’srecords of objects of this type.

recent, Manuscript of “Starman” Hit in 1972 david bowie, It will be launched in September 2022 with approx. $255,000 exist Omega Auction.

michael jackson gloves

A Beige leather gloves with rhinestone crystalsused for Michael Jackson In 1983, when he first created his own The famous “moon walk”, In November 2009, the piece sold for $350,000 at an auction in New York for the pop star, who died of a drug overdose that same year at age 50.

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