audio and video encourages X to become “one app for everything”

They haven’t yet challenged each other to a duel, but between Musk and Meta patron Zuckerberg, the battle continues to the sound of social media: To stop the ex-Twitter from now X from bleeding, new owner Elon Musk (pictured) wants to make changes to make the no-longer Twittering platform a “fit for everything” app. Let’s start with the fact that, according to the plan of the boss, with the help of X you can make calls, even video: but this is only the first step towards expanding the expected offer. In fact, according to the millionaire, X should be more like WeChat and provide users with everything from social networks to video games and finance. The indiscretion became known when his biography appeared in bookstores, in which he talks about acquiring a social network signed by Walter Isaacson, who specializes in successful visionaries and is already the author of a biography of Steve Jobs.

Twitter needs a fire-breathing dragonsaid the kindly Elon on March 31, 2022, during a dinner with then-CEO Parag Agrawal, when it was just revealed that he, by the way, bought shares in the platform. However, the idea of ​​acquiring the company was still ahead: Musk wanted to act from the outside in order to realize his dream, that is, to create, which he had been trying to achieve for decades. A few days later, the owner of Tesla, in his “impulsive and irreverent” manner, decided that something drastic was needed to change the platform, like buying it: said, done.

A few days after the candid statement about what is really “The sad truth is that there are no major social networks at the moment. We may fail, as many predicted, but we will try to the end.”, the mogul does not give up and resumes work, also preparing to strike a giant blow to the past and since September 12, the very day when the world is preparing to reveal the iPhone 15, has decided to sell all Twitter headquarters memorabilia. in San Francisco is up for auction, including the iconic bird logo replaced with Chat X.

A total of 584 lots will be up for auction, including a table in the shape of an ancient symbol, giant bird cages and two images that have gone viral on the platform in recent years: the famous selfie taken by Ellen DeGeneres with Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep. and Lupita Nyong, or on the night of the 2014 Oscars, which was retweeted over a million times in an hour, and a picture posted by Barack Obama after being re-elected president in 2012, when he hugs his wife Michelle, is a real record of likes and retweets . As for the logo still affixed to the Twitter building in San Francisco, the auction announcement says the new owner will be required (perhaps even gladly) to remove it to finally make room for the logo. new one that is moving forward.

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