August 2, 2001, Exit “Others”.


First Spanish film Alejandro Amenabar in English, imported into the United States at the behest of the spouses Cruz/Kidman seeing her open your eyes (1997). At the same time as Other, will put Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky (a remake of another film, also released in 2001), but for now it all depends on his then wife or Nicole Kidman. Ironically, they split up this year.

And the film is absolutely frightening precisely by its ability to hide reality behind an almost invisible veil, but the presence of which is indicated by various clues scattered over different scenes, a bit like it happens in Sixth Sense From M. Night Shyamalan (1999), a work with which there is indeed much in common, not only in terms of the “spiritual” theme, but also in terms of development.

It’s really impressive how in practice there isn’t even a special effect to make this horror scary, but it’s an incredible and depressing tension that builds more and more, until the chilling final climax (this is also not a special effect, but extraordinarily edited) that makes everything this is a great experience, affecting the fears of the human psyche in a truly wonderful way. How would you say HP Lovecraft: “The oldest and strongest human emotion is fear, and the oldest and most powerful fear is the fear of the unknown.”

Other anniversaries

  • 1941was born Fabio Testi, actor de Finzi Contini Garden AND The main thing is to love
  • 1956coming out Behind the mirrormasterpiece Nicholas Ray with excellent James Mason
  • 1967coming out The Hot Night of Inspector TibbsOscar Best Film 1968, Excellent Rod Steiger AND Sidney Poitier
  • 1964was born Mary Louise Parkeractress Mrs. Fried green tomatoes AND RED
  • 1970was born Kevin SmithDirector Clerks AND Dogma
  • 1976was born Sam Worthingtonactor Mr. terminator rescue AND Avatars
  • 1977was born Edward Furlongactor Mr. terminator 2 AND American History X
  • 1978coming out Laura Mars eyesscary thriller with Faye Dunaway

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