Austin Butler: the power of books

Then I come to the interview with a copy The gods are behaving badly Marie Phillips, she is my ally to break the ice.

“Thank you very much, it doesn’t always happen to me to receive a gift during an interview,” he says in surprise. “Reading allows me to disconnect and isolate. Books are associated with emotions, just like perfumes that evoke sensations,” continues the actor, who in November we will see in the role of the evil Feyd-Rautha in the second chapter. Dunesand he looks at the cover and promises me that he will read it during the trip.

“I remember making my Broadway debut with The ice man comes I discovered a particular essential oil that immediately brought me into this role, and from that moment on I looked at fragrances differently: I wear them like clothes, they help shape my state of mind. WITH THOUGHT everything was a little different, when I first smelled it, it was very exciting: on the one hand, citrus notes took me back to childhood, in our garden there was orange plant; on the other hand, woody elements like patchouli gave me a warm feeling, like you’re watching a sunset and feel good. It was like experiencing all aspects of my life together.”

And it is on this multidimensionality that Butler’s kinship with eau de parfum is based: if the actor is especially valued for his ability to empathize, then the fragrance is an olfactory hymn to personality and freedom of expression. “When I choose roles, there are some elements that I never refuse. Dune was easy, I loved the first one and I’m a big fan of Denis Villeneuve, but overall I need to feel in tune with the direction and I always ask myself if I’m ready to live in the shoes of the character. filming time,” continues the actor, who will return as the title character in 2024. City on firethe first cinematic chapter of Don Winslow’s trilogy.

“With MYSLF it was like this: Julia Ducournau is an extraordinary director, and the concept then, with this idea of ​​​​a unique freedom, far from stereotypes, convinced me immediately.”
Finally, I ask him if he has any regrets, given that, despite his young age, he already has a long career behind him.
“If I could go back ten years, I would force myself to spend more time with my mother (Lori Ann Howell died in 2014 due to cancer – ed.). And hug her often.”

Totem yourself

Orange blossom absolute, bergamot and Diva lavender are the main notes of the new men’s eau de parfum MYSLF (100 ml, €130.47), created by master perfumers Daniela Andrieu, Christophe Reynaud and Antoine Maisondier for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. A contemporary bouquet housed in a totem bottle designed by Suzanne Dalton and made from eco-friendly, reusable materials. star Austin Butler, 32. After the success of Elvis, we will see him in cinemas in November in the film Dune. Part 2″. The Californian actor is the face of YSL MYSLF perfume.

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