Authorities are meeting to discuss virus off RS coast

Hold meetings to coordinate actions and clarify Avian Influenza In the sixth edition of the Expo (6), representatives of both municipal, state and federal administrations and organizations carried out this work.The discovery comes after Rio Grande do Sul state confirmed an outbreak of the virus this week highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) in sea lions on Casino Beach in the Rio Grande. A new meeting must be scheduled for next week.

The meeting was held online and included the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Sustainable Production and Irrigation (Seapi), the Ministry of Agriculture (Mapa), the Federation of Municipal Associations of Rio Grande do Sul (Famurs), the Brazilian Environmental Research Institute and Renewable Natural Resources Institute (Ibama) and counties on the state’s northern and southern coasts.

“We must give this issue all the attention it needs, clarify the situation and coordinate our actions to avoid major consequences,” said MAP Director José Kleber Díaz de Sousa.

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Mario Nascimento, Farmur’s technical coordinator for the agricultural and tourism sector, noted that the guideline is a priority for gaucho agribusiness and said municipalities must remain alert to the issue.

Rosane Collares, director of Seapi’s Animal Health Surveillance and Defense Department and member of the Official Veterinary Service (SVO), has been mobilized since the first cases of avian influenza were recorded in South America. “In competition we will be able to maintain our focus on state control,” he assured.

The destination of the dead animals is also a guide for the conference. By definition, this will be a request made by the port to the Secretariat of Environment and Infrastructure (Sema), which gives municipalities on the Gaucho coast autonomy in waste management, as is the case in Vale do Taquari .

Currently, there are two outbreaks in the state. The first thing was in May, at the Tame Sanctuary, with wild birds. The second one is in the Rio Grande and is a marine mammal. This notification does not change the health status of RS.

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Second, people are not allowed to approach dead or dying animals. All suspicions – including respiratory, neurological or high and sudden mortality – must be notified to Seapi immediately via Whatsapp (51) 98445-2033.


The importance of rapid notification of two suspected cases to health and environmental protection agencies such as the Rio Grande Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center (Cram) or the Chico Mendes Biodiversity Conservation Institute (ICMBio) and the Center for Coastal and Lake The scientific studies e Marinhos (Ceclimar) et al. – are considered fundamental.

There are two WhatsApp numbers that can be used to send these notifications:

  • Secretaria da Agricultura, Pecuária, Produção Sustentável e Irrigação – Ministry of Agriculture and Defense: (51) 98445-2033 (24 hours a day);
  • Secretariat of Environment and Infrastructure (Sema): (51) 98593-1288 (second to sixth day of office hours).

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