Authorities ask La Paz to switch from in-person to virtual classes due to contamination

Three regional school boards sent a letter to the mayor of La Paz asking them to change in-person classes to virtual ones if air pollution persists. City Education and Development Secretary Javier Jiménez agreed with this position.

Air pollution in La Paz has education authorities on alert as they have primary school children, They are a vulnerable group and attend in-person classes.

The Air Pollution Index (AQI) showed pollution levels rose from 151 to 208, “Very toxic” For the vulnerable and others.

“We are putting our children at risk, especially the younger ones. “If this continues for at least next week, we should consider suspending school operations. “ La Paz Mayor Iván Arias said after receiving reports of contamination.

It should be noted that these levels of pollution may cause health problems such as eye irritation, Asthma attacks, respiratory infections, and generalized coughs. Therefore, they recommend that people use masks to protect themselves from environmental contamination caused by Chako.

There have been reports of smog affecting air quality since last Monday, but on Wednesday, air pollution rose to “It’s very harmful to the health of the people of La Paz.”

In this sense, the authorities held an emergency meeting to determine possible alert measures, which could include suspending classes or changing them to online classes. Avoid putting children at risk of breathing contaminated air.

Marco Garcia, director of the National Thoracic Institute, assured that the first hospitalized patients with chronic asthma attacks and bronchitis have been reported. Due to exposure to this environmental pollution.

“In the last three days we have received reports from one or two of our colleagues from all over Bolivia, basically from this area of ​​La Paz, and that’s why Chaquio from La Paz arrived in the city, well, they are decompensating our patients,” Doctor prescribed Cadena A.

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