Authorities assure there are no signs of new disease

December 2, 2023 – 15:22

Chinese doctors and foreign experts pointed out that similar epidemics have occurred in many other countries after relaxing anti-epidemic measures.

The Beijing government assured that the increase in infections was due to the higher number of flu cases this year than in other winter months.

he Respiratory diseases on the rise in China this caused by known pathogens and No signs of new infectious diseasesa health official said on Saturday.This happened in the context of Asian country faces first full winter not strict COVID-19 restrictions.

he disease rebound In countries where the COVID-19 epidemic emerged at the end of 2019, it attracted people’s attention at the time World Health Organization (WHO) A request for information last week cited Report on clusters of undiagnosed pneumonia in children.


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What measures will the Chinese government take to reduce the number of infections?

Chinese authorities More pediatric clinics will be openedthey will try Ensure more elderly and children are vaccinated be opposed to influenza and will encourage people Wear a mask and wash your handsMi Feng, an official National Health Commission of China.

Chinese doctors and foreign experts say they are not alarmed Due to the outbreak of the epidemic in China, Many other countries have seen similar increases in respiratory illnesses China relaxed measures to deal with the epidemic at the end of last year.

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