Authorities urge people to take precautions against smog

112 emergency services have warned about the impact of suspended dust on respiratory health. People, especially those with respiratory illnesses, are urged to take precautions and avoid prolonged exposure to outdoor air.

The presence of dust in the air can adversely affect the respiratory tract and aggravate existing health conditions. Therefore, people with respiratory conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are advised to take precautions.

The 112 recommendations include:

– Avoid prolonged contact: If you suffer from respiratory illness, it is recommended to limit contact with outside air as much as possible, especially on days when suspended dust levels are high.

-Keep your medications on hand: Make sure you have your prescription medications and have them available when you need them. This is critical to controlling the worsening of respiratory symptoms.

– Stay indoors: When suspended dust levels are high, it is recommended to stay inside buildings. Keep doors and windows closed to prevent the entry of contaminant particles.

– Follow local instructions: In addition to general advice, it is important to pay attention to local and government instructions to prevent alarms due to high concentrations of dust in the air.

Staying informed about atmospheric conditions and following the advice of 112 and local authorities is vital to protecting yourself.

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