Autumn music starts again with Rengi and Nek.

Francesco Renga and Nek will overcome the delay after setting a record that accurately marks the summer and before the traditional holiday that will mark the Christmas trip from mid-October. The two, who for many years had a deep friendship and cooperation during which they traveled around the peninsula on an extended tour, decided to join forces in a project that will lead to the release of an album of unreleased songs called “RengaNek” on September 8th. Eleven songs, all performed by both artists.

Fifteen days later, it was Ligabue’s turn to return to recording, three years after his last work “7”. On September 22, “Dedicato a noi” is released, preceded first by “Riderai” and then “Una canzone senza tempo”. As usual, the Correggio rocker can’t stay away from his fans and from October he will be performing his new songs live on a tour that will take him through the gyms.

The main characters of autumn

Autumn (the date is still top secret) is also the period chosen Annalisa for “And Then We Were in a Whirlwind”, after the success of “Disco Paradise” with J-Axe and Fedez and waiting for their first tour in the gyms. Evidence of cooperation is also expected among Italians Coez and Fra Quintail with the collaborative album “Lovebars”, which will be released on September 8 (which contains the summer single “Alta marea”). Finishing touches also to new records Ebbast Sphere, Calcutta, Raphael Gualazzi. Heir’s debut album Bocelli’s house, Matteo, who, after several rehearsals in a duet with his father, sets off on a journey as a soloist. The CD, consisting of 12 tracks in English and Italian, bears his name and is preceded by the ballad “Chasing Stars” signed by brothers Ed and Matthew Sheeran.

Outside of Italy

A patrol of foreigners is also ready. september 15 i Thirty seconds to Mars Jared Leto published the book It’s the End of the World, But It’s a Beautiful Day. Ready, with tenth studio album, also an electronic dance music duo. chemical brothers with “For this wonderful feeling.” pop icon Kylie MinogueReady to release “Tension” on September 22, a record with track beats and sensual pop characters, anticipated by the single “Padam Padam” released in recent weeks. James Blunt returns with “Who We Used To Be”, released on October 27, preceded by the fast-paced single Beside You. Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Blink-182, Peter Gabriel and The Cure.

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