Avatar 3: The Na’vi of Fire and new creatures imagined in engaging fan art.

Three captivating new fan art imagines the fire Na’vi peoples and new creatures of the volcanic regions of Pandora making their first appearance in Avatar 3. The third installment of James Cameron’s Avatar saga was filming simultaneously with Avatar: The Path of Water and is slated to hit theaters in December 2024. Like its sequel, Avatar 3 will continue the journey of Jake Sulley (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri’s (Zoe Saldana) family, exploring never-before-seen corners of the world of Pandora and new factions of the Na’vi.

In a post shared on Reddit by user tbrow200, we see how the artist imagines the new fire Na’vi people of Avatar 3 in the 2024 sequel. The artwork shows that the Na’vi of volcanic regions have skin blue-grey and yellow-eyed, they wear dark make-up and jewels made of volcanic rock. The Reddit user also imagines what the creatures of the volcanic regions of Pandora might be like, filled with jagged rocks and active volcanoes, while the Na’vi tribes ride on lizards like six-legged fire-breathing salamanders.

Prior to the release of Avatar: Running Waters, Cameron teased what to expect from the third installment of the series. Following the introduction of the seafaring Na’vi in ​​the second film, Avatar 3 will introduce a new Na’vi tribe known as the Ash people, whose culture is based on the volcanic regions of Pandora, unlike Neytiri’s tribe in the original film. Led by Game of Thrones actress Oona Chaplin, these people are described by Cameron as a darker and more aggressive force than previous Na’vi groups and will play a more antagonistic role in the film’s plot.

With the Ash tribe playing a more antagonistic role in Avatar 3, the film will set itself apart from the previous films’ approach to the world of Pandora. In the previous films, although there had been some friction between members of the Na’vi groups, humanity has always played a more antagonistic role through the RDA’s colonizing attempts to conquer Pandora’s resources. However, with Avatar: Water Run establishing Earth in a critical state and introducing a more hostile Na’vi group, it is understood that future chapters of Avatar will add further complexity to the story.

With Avatar 3 introducing new regions of Pandora, anticipation is building to see how Cameron will bring the world of Pandora to life. The Reddit user’s artwork is therefore a good representation of what the Na’vi Ash people could be like before their big screen debut, integrating elements of the potential region into the typical design of Na’vi characters. While audiences will still have to wait for their first official taste of Cameron’s sequel, the artwork lets fans imagine what vibrant worlds and creatures Cameron has designed for future adventures in Pandora.

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