Avatar 3, Zoe Saldana denies James Cameron: “More filming”

Conflicting update, between Zoe Saldaña and James Cameron, on Avatar 3: How far are they in filming? Find out more!

There is more than a year left until the release of Avatars 3 in cinemas (December 2024). The interpreter of Neytiri in James Cameron’s famous sci-fi franchise, Zoe Saldaña, has already unveiled an important update on the state of filming.

When did production start? year’s Avatar: The Way of WaterCameron was simultaneously filming the next threequel. The cause? The underwater sequences involving the characters completely CGI (computer generated imagery).

As he appeared to the Oscars 2023 for the previous sequel, Zoe Saldaña, after expressing her excitement for what is to come from the upcoming film, shared to Entertainment Tonight an update on the shoot.

Avatar 3: What did Zoe Saldaña reveal?

Neytiri, the brave Na'vi

Neytiri, the brave Na’vi

“We will go back to New Zealand this summer and finish it. We’ve only finished 70% of the shoot. But we have time: more production is needed”: a statement, however, in conflict with Cameron’s previous comments.

Filming on Avatar 3 was set to wrap in late December 2020, after a full three years of production, making Saldaña’s comments startling about the need for further production. Just a few months earlier, Cameron had indicated that Avatars 3 era “95 percent complete“, confirming that the films were shot one after another, hoping to avoid the effect Stranger Things of actors aging their roles.

While Saldaña’s shooting update may seem to conflict with Cameron’s previous statements, the director also teased his hopes for the release of a nine-hour cut Of Avatars 3which is said to be eyeing a Disney+ release shortly after its theatrical debut.

The Oscar winner for Best Visual Effects appears to have scaled back his original figure by 95%. Expectations are really high… James Cameron will succeed with Avatars 3 to surprise us even more?

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