Avatar – The Water Way 4K Blu-ray seen and heard

Defeated and forced to retreat man returns to pandora ten years later, more furious than ever and determined to take back the planet and the pride. Even Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) and his cabal of warmongers prepare to carry out a bloody plan vendettaalbeit through Na’vi avatars.

Target eliminate Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), who has since built family and future with Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), and together with children they live in harmony with the tribe Omaticaya and a few people lined up at their side. Forced run away from his home so as not to endanger anyone nearby, Sally and the survivors of the devastation they hide among the inhabitants of the sea Metkainawith the intention of losing sight of them.

Between old and new friends

Second avatar as always directed and “organized” by James Cameronbrings to the stage plot who travels partly processing past, where some 13 years after the visual feat of the previous one, the modern computer adventure has different influence. A dim script in which earthlings return after defeat with the same weapons and weapons, not valuing their own and other people’s weak points.

Sully himself decides to leave his tribe so as not to harm him, as a result of which Metkayna is in the crosshairs of the sight. this timeintruder motivated by the need to prepare the ground forHuman Exodus although after the devastation of the planet Earth mercenaries hunt down the precious and mysterious substance contained in the building cetaceans.

Too much deja vu in history

About the marine environment there is no shortage of inventions, but the fauna and flora that inhabit it are as fascinating as exotic aquarium. A single threatening marine predator passes through the screen, but you do not breathe the dangerous atmosphere that oppressed the Omaticaya forest, with creatures dangerous not only for humans, but also for the natives. Exception more or less desirable echoes of their own cinemafor all links to Titanicthis is the second chapter of Cameron’s productive adventure it doesn’t have the same charm movie in 2009.

Monument to advanced technologies

Only the technical part remains at the top, amazing sets and attracting companies specializing in Computer graphics and special effects beginning with Lucasfilmas well as a New Zealander Veta Digital (the same ones that gave life to the landscapes and creatures of Tolkien’s hexalogy). Experience in orchestrating past works from abyss and subsequently Titanic he undoubtedly assisted Cameron in the production of this second film, where he starred in Native 4K 3D(!).

Creationtechnologically monumental work which gave a further impetus to research in solving problems of various orders and sizes, starting with the creation filmed underwater. Despite the choice stereoscopic images unfortunately the Italian home video does not use this version, as happened with the first film available abroad. More extensive art review work available at this link.

Waterway 4K – as seen

More than 10 years have passed since the creation of the first film. from native 2K to 4K For Waterway. This made it possible to offer the UHD version on the physical disk of the absolute standard, only one BD-100 triple layer for insert i 192 minutes movie, aspect ratio 1.85:1 (3840 x 2160/23.97p), HEVC encoding. For home video it was version 2.39:1 canceled since this masks with loss of information at the top and bottom edges, 1.85:1, originally intended for 3D, is better. There technical performance is one of the best since the advent of UHD on disk, an incredible level of detail even in the background, a richness of perceived elements regardless of the degree of illumination of the scene. In connection with this, it could be Do more how to manage dynamic compression with Dolby Visionand here there is only one HDR-10.

A show that will not leave you indifferent leave your mouth openespecially on large screens, preferably with native 10-bit control. In this case, you can fully enjoy the sensational richness of colorsemphasizing even more colour contrast between Omaticaya and Metkaina, and black level. In this sense, check depth and solidity just look at the sequence of arrivals of the earth ships that are about to reach Pandora.

Waterway 4K – how it feels

There sound section there is one additional equipment respect to the UHD version (upscaled from 2K) offered for first filmwhere limited Dolby Digital 5.1 channels have given way to more powerful Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 channels (1024 kbps). Even though it is a lossy encoding, it is still an encoding that returns a sound script frominteresting emotional impactstage presence from the rear channels. Speech dynamics and fame as well as some music for the data stream, which deserves to pass for a home theater systemwhere the superior soundbar and subwoofer configuration can further immerse you in the epic moment. In order to benefit in particular second half of the storywith an increasingly dramatic confrontation between the earthly and the local.

As a reference, there is only English Dolby ATMOSwith an all-out, aggressive soundscape full of detail and a vertical channel configuration, immerses the viewer in a kind of sonic bubble that can instantly change the situation. Feelings that hit the target both for land and air, but above all for the deep sea.

Waterway 4K – goodies

L’4K “regular” edition in an amaray box (there is also a steel book) from Walt Disney Studios HE distributed by Eagle Pictures, contains additional 2 Blu-rays two-layer (BD-50): one with Full HD/2K film and the last one is dedicated to supplementsdivided into three macrosections.

Inside Pandora’s Box, focus on production

Building the world of Pandora» (10′) analyze rendering processes; “Capture of Pandora” (11′) addresses the topic of motion capture; “The Underwater World of Pandora”” (11′) focuses on the design elements of the production; “Pandora Water Problems”(12′) deals with problems of water sequences; “Return of the Pandora characters” (9′) revisits characters already introduced in the first film; “The next generation of Pandora” (11′) is dedicated to new characters; “Web” (10′) is dedicated to the character of the Spider; “Become a Na’vi”(11′) analyzes the transformation and creation of tribal identity; “People of Pandora’s Reef” (11′) belongs to the community of Metkain; “Revive Pandora” (15′) focuses on visuals; “Return of the RDA to Pandora” (14′) deals with invaders; “New Pandora characters(10′) offers another look at the characters;Sounds of Pandora” (14′) talks about the soundtrack and pays homage to the work of master James Horner; “New Zealand – home of Pandora” (4′) an introduction to production at the Weta studio.

More from Pandora’s box

Casting and auditions (10′); sequences tricks (6′); department detection Production of computer graphics, gathered under the auspices of the “Laboratory” (7′); there crew (6′);


Clip From Weekend – “Nothing is lost (You give me strength)” (HD) + 2 original trailers. Italian subtitles everywhere except for the music video.

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