Avengers: Secret Wars, 10 Absurd Theories About The Future Marvel Movie

Avengers Secret Wars

Some theories about Avengers: Secret Wars they’re so wacky that many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can’t help but believe them. The MCU’s first line of defense has always been the Avengers, led by Tony Stark From Robert Downey Jr. one of the original members of the team, the character who launched the MCU with iron Man 2008. After creating the original six Avengers – iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow AND Hawkeye – these gathered in Avengers 2012 so that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes can stop the attempt Loki conquer the world on behalf of Thanos.

After the grand finale Infinity Saga, Avengers: Endgame As of 2019, the MCU has never been the same. Marvel Studios has begun expanding on Disney+, either by introducing new characters from the MCU or by focusing on characters who have only played minor roles up to that point. Through series, special presentations, featurettes, and animation, the MCU began to sow the seeds for future teams. Even if in Avengers: Kang Dynastyall eyes are on the sixth film in the franchise, Avengers: Secret Warsending Multiverse Saga. There have been a lot of theories about what the movie could be about, some of them so weird they might be true.

10Doctor Strange will let Doom or Kang change the Multiverse

Kang defeated

Reddit user u/Namorons has an interesting theory that positions Doctor Strange as Benedict Cumberbatch as an important character in Avengers: Secret Wars. An MCU fan thinks Strange goes from self-centeredness to self-destruction. Redditor explains that Strange can study the raid he created, which Clea from Charlize Theron asked him to help manage, and the lesson learned from Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness – “trusting other people with unique abilities” – to create the MCU Illuminati. Guilt for the team’s actions later weighed heavily on Strange, forcing the hero to allow Fate oa Caen inherit god-like powers and change the multiverse.

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