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alarm. The virus is so contagious that the chicken farms where the bird flu outbreak was discovered have been quarantined.Photo: Diffusion

Yesterday, the authorities of the National Agricultural Health Service (Senasa) in La Libertad confirmed a new outbreak of avian influenza. The incident took place at the Santa Maria farm in Pakangjila town, Chipung province.

entity to which ministry of agricultural development Liberal Party executive director Daniel Alama Mena told La Repubblica that a surveillance state had been ordered.

The official explained that the first report of the bird flu outbreak was received on February 12, when 4,000 birds died.

They immediately took steps, such as collecting samples and sending them to specialized laboratories for analysis. On February 15, the birds were confirmed to be infected with avian influenza, and they were quarantined on February 16.

“As soon as we were notified of the bird deaths at Santa Maria Farm, we activated our emergency plans. Initially around 4,000 birds died, and as part of the control agreement it was ordered that all birds on the farm be cleared, adding a total of 27,000 birds between those sacrificed and those ultimately disposed of,” Alama explained to La Repubblica ..

Santa Maria Farm is isolated; however, as part of emergency protocols, epidemiological surveillance Within a radius of 5 kilometers.

This surveillance involves collecting samples from commercial farms, pens and backyard birds and analyzing them at Senasa laboratories to rule out infection.

In addition, it was announced isolation and other actions such as removing guano, cleaning and disinfecting properties and placing security guards on farms to prevent the spread of the virus.

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