Avian Flu: Alert issued for sea lions near Rio Gallegos Children’s Park

meters away YCF Marina in Rio Gallegos A sea lion that had been in the area for at least several hours and showed obvious signs of illness took its last breaths. The sea lions were technically in their natural habitat, but the discovery of the specimen caught the attention of neighbors who were walking through the area amid a surge in bird flu cases.

when he reaches that place La Opinión Austral Mobile Despite the animal’s convulsions and strange behavior, it was still alive. After a few minutes, he stopped moving.

from Provincial Agriculture Committee They told La Opinión Austral that the animal had been monitored and they decided to leave it in the area and find a place to die because it was presumed to have Avian Influenza.

Journalist Ricardo Villagra took a photo of the sea lion and alerted authorities: “There was a sea lion lying down and convulsing in front of FM Federal at the mouth of the river,” he said.

CAP is asking to stay away from the area and avoid any type of contact while crews deal with further cases at Wilkin’s Corner.

Sea lions appear on the stones of the Rio Gallegos seafront near FM UNPA and FM Federal, just a few meters from Costello Avenue, the renovated fiscal pier and the new children’s park in the capital of Santa Cruz, which attracts many tourists.

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