Back in theaters: Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s ambitious blockbuster

From July 31, 2023, a sci-fi blockbuster signed by Christopher Nolan.

Interstellar 2014 science fiction film directed by Christopher Nolan. Interpreted Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain AND Michael Caine, the film is about a group of astronauts who travel through a wormhole in search of a new home for mankind. Nolan co-wrote the script with his brother. Jonathanwho first developed the film in 2007. Christopher Nolan also produced the film with his wife. Emma Thomas AND Linda Obst. theoretical physicist at Caltech Kip Thorne is an executive producer and was involved in the making of the film as a scientific advisor. Interstellar won the Academy Award for Best Special Effects in 2015 and received four more nominations (Best Soundtrack, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound and Best Design). The film’s budget was $165 million and the worldwide release was $675 million. Long awaited and anticipated online by opinions and judgments even before its release, Interstellar partly divided by critics, who, however, in some cases compared it to films such as 2001: Space Odysseyextolling her amazing nature and courage.


In the near future, the Earth is devastated by continuous sandstorms and a plague that has destroyed all wheat plantations, but left corn untouched. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is a former NASA astronaut who, like many others, had to devote himself to growing corn on his small farm, where he lives with his daughter Murph and son Tom. Through a series of strange circumstances, Cooper will once again contact NASA, which knows that the plague will soon strike other cultures, and which is secretly working to find a solution to the impending planetary catastrophe. Thus begins an adventure that will send Cooper on an interstellar journey through a space-time tunnel in search of planets in other galaxies, where humanity is expected to find an environment in which to escape extinction and continue their evolutionary path.

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Is travel, even interstellar travel, the only solution? Science fiction, in its ultimate decline and with all the classic components of the genre, gives way to the problems of man and the encounter with himself, his limits and his fears. Christopher Nolan he is the director and puppeteer of history. An adventure that perhaps interests him less than the family dynamic that moves through it. If the Earth is not the last frontier of life, what else is left? Where will man go to find his way among the stars? In a rich palingenesis of events and characters, personal and collective stories unfold and come together like a jigsaw puzzle to arrive at a final solution.

The most daring principles of physics are connected with man and his experience, but the experience of science is not enough, and the most powerful connection goes far beyond these limits, meaning the strongest family ties: between father and daughter. There are various movie references from the past, including the classic 2001: Space Odyssey, but all softened with a touch of irony. The story begins in a country cottage surrounded by an endless desert swamp. The main lines of the house, the scenography favoring the sliding light, refer to the paintings Hoppers. The family struggles like so many others on a planet that is now on its last legs, and only old people remember a better past. In an unfavorable environment, when wind and sand are about to cover the planet, drying up crops and suffocating the inhabitants, a NASA pilot resigns himself to his disappointment. The little girl, the protagonist’s receptive daughter, feels a presence in her home that can only be given a face at the end of the film.

What seems to be is not always reality. Gravity, relativity, quantum theory are at the center of the possibilities offered to man to save himself, or is there someone else interfering in favor of our species? In the film, Nolan leads us to open a series of Chinese boxes that, one after the other, offer possible solutions to the problem of human survival, but never seem adequate. Dead ends follow one another and create a strong expectation of solutions. Space and the devices moving in it seem to have a life of their own and tell us about the harmony of the spheres. Essential advice from Kip Thorne, one of the world’s leading experts in the field of theoretical physics and the theory of relativity. Need hole to overcome the physical limitations of space travel and overcome the vast distances of interstellar travel, but for every hour lived in the ether on earth, tens of years pass, and there is a risk of finding everyone dead. Grandiose visions of Earth, Saturn, or distant planets marked by water or ice retain their own iconic awe.

A moment of strong impact and pure adrenaline instead of a giant wave that is about to hit the main characters. The excellent interpretation of the actors contributes to a film that, although unnecessarily stretched and pleonastic in places, maintains an excellent level of concentration. amazing music Hans Zimmer contributes greatly to the unfolding of the story, skillfully contrasting the most important moments with refined elegance and emphasizing the rarefied spatial atmosphere. Despite the fact that the female casting is somewhat monotonous (all the characters are similar to each other), there is still an interesting and successful choice of performers. Among them is the magnificent and impeccable Michael Caine and a brief appearance Matt Damon which does not negate its classical character. In addition to the main character, former pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), an interesting figure Ann Hataway, who is no longer a fairy tale princess, but a scientist who approaches her dramatic role wisely. Ironic box-shaped robots, calibrated to better interact with people, help lighten the atmosphere.

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