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Your back-to-school checklist might include notebooks, pencils and rulers, but in Boston, health officials expect you to include up-to-date immunizations, too.

This is due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases. Public health officials say people should not panic, but some precautions should be taken.

According to wastewater data from parts of the greater Boston area, COVID-19 indicators have increased by 60% in the past two weeks.

It won’t be long before kids are back in school, which is why the recent spike in COVID-19 cases is more concerning than usual.

Odalys Molina speaks with an expert explaining the rise in cases in the United States.

Cold and flu season is upon us as the weather turns colder in the coming weeks.

The Boston Board of Public Health strongly recommends that all households keep up to date with vaccinations, including the COVID-19 and flu vaccines.

The FDA and CDC are expected to approve updated COVID-19 vaccines in the coming weeks, along with timelines for when different age groups will be able to get them, they said.

Meanwhile, public health officials are urging families to keep rapid COVID-19 test kits at home. They say people should stay home when they are sick, wear a mask if the risk is high and make sure they wash their hands and sanitize surfaces regularly.

Health officials are reminding families that coronavirus vaccines and testing are still available citywide.

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